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Benchmark: Speed Polish from Harvest Dental

Dental Lab ProductsDental Lab Products October 2020
Volume 42
Issue 3

Polish efficiently with this paste ready to support the advanced materials you use.

Over the years we have witnessed and enjoyed the benefits of CAD/CAM technology and material advancements. These advancements are now being coupled with advancements in support products that pair perfectly with today’s modern materials. Harvest Dental’s Speed Polish is an example of an advanced support product.

Harvest Dental released Speed Polish at this year’s Chicago Mid-Winter Meeting. On the surface it appears similar to other polishes available today. It is not until the user experiences polishing a restoration with Speed Polish that its rewarding qualities shine.

Speed Polish is a proprietary combination of diamond and alumina which was developed for the efficient polishing of ZrO2 and LiSi2 restorations. Harvest Dental’s products constantly not only meet, but exceed the demands of the most discerning technicians.


Speed Polish from Harvest Dental

Speed Polish is a polishing compound crafted from a diamond/alumina base specially developed for polishing zirconium and lithium disilicate ceramics. Water soluble, it polishes in seconds, matches the esthetics of enamel, and reduces wear on opposing dentition.

Harvest Dental

714-674-7400​ ​ |​ ​ harvestdental.com

Harvest Dental recommends using a #9 Robison short stiff brush, onto which the polish can be loaded slowly at a speed not greater than 5000 rpm. Once the brush is loaded, the technician can begin to polish the restoration using slow speed and high pressure (Figures 1 and 2).

Key Benefits

During the review of Speed Polish, multiple benefits of the product stood out which make it quite different than other products currently available.

Speed Polish was designed for use with ZrO2 and LiSi2 restorations which it polishes within seconds to a high luster, while not being so abrasive as to cause a loss of fine detail (Figure 3). The speed in which the polish performs stays true to its name. It was also noted that it performed equally well on layered ceramics (Figures 4 and 5).

Another tremendous benefit is the fact that Speed Polish is water soluble. This is a massive benefit and a great aid when cleaning off restorations. Comparable products that are not water-soluble lead to difficulty in removing remaining residue. With these products, a steamer is needed. This can be detrimental to ceramic restorations as the use of a steamer can introduce the possibility of thermal shock. The use of steam is completely avoided with Speed Polish, which is cleaned with water and a brush, or a simple cloth (Figure 6).

The proprietary blend of Speed Polish incorporates a binder into its formula, allowing it to load exceptionally well to the brush, which results in minimal wasted material.

With technicians today concentrating on their health more than ever, and the fact that keeping a healthy laboratory environment has always been challenging, this binder is a key to the most remarkable quality of Speed Polish. While it maintains the ability to efficiently polish restorations, it is dust free due to the proprietary binder. According to Harvest Dental, this is by design and possibly the trait that breaks the mold, sets Speed Polish apart from other products, and places it in front of the pack.

Previous polishing products had a tendency to create fine particulate dust which would cover a work surface and even build up on a technician’s mask. Harvest Dental’s Speed Polish is a great supporting product that exhibits multiple advancements and benefits, and also aids the technician and laboratory in helping to create a healthier work environment.

Harvest Dental’s products constantly meet and exceed the demands of the most discerning technicians.This product is in line with all of Harvest’s other offerings, which not only perform as advertised, but surpass expectations with additional benefits. Speed Polish delivers and lives up to its motto: Time is Precious!

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