Enhancing dental lab capacity, performance

Dental Lab Products, Dental Lab Products October 2020, Volume 42, Issue 3

The Medit T710 can be used to scan all indications, is compatible with any design software, and allows for a fully customizable workflow, providing freedom from the technical limitations that plague the industry.

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Rigid systems restricting the dental CAD/CAM workflow and limitations with scanner performance and software capabilities reduce lab efficiency

Dental lab scanners are often limited when it comes to use cases, compatibility with articulators or design software, or the flexibility of their workflow.


Medit T710

  • The scanner can be used for all possible dental indications, including implants, replica dentures, impressions, etc.
  • Full arches can be scanned in just 8 seconds
  • Thanks to an open system, the T710’s scan data is compatible with any design software
  • Full-size articulator scanning is possible for all currently available models for easy integration
  • The customizable workflow guarantees supreme flexibility and performance optimization
  • Thanks to four 5 MP high-resolution cameras, 4-micron accuracy, and no blind spots, the scanner delivers high quality results for increased customer

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