Solve my problem: Making sure patients have access to sterile materials post-op

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report October 2019, Volume 53, Issue 10

How SteriPocket packets make it easier for post-surgical patients to keep sterile sponges with them at all times.

The problem: Patients often require sterile gauze after surgical procedures 

When patients leave your practice, you want to be sure they are prepared to follow all of your post-op instructions, but keeping materials sterile outside of a medical environment can be a challenge. 

The solution


• Contains two pre-sterilized packets of cotton-filled or rayon/poly non-woven sponges 

• Ideal for sending home with patients after extractions 

• Eliminates the need for team members to sterilize gauze for patients 

• Rayon/Poly sponges are available in two sizes 

• Ensures patients are confident that the sponges remain sterile 

• Makes it easier for patients to follow post-op instructions 


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