Solve My Problem: iSonic DS310 – Simplify and accelerate denture and retainer cleaning

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report March 2020
Volume 54
Issue 3

Information provided by iSonic.

The Problem

Using a Ziploc bag in an ultrasonic cleaner to clean dentures or retainers doesn’t clean well and OSHA calls it a risky practice

The soft plastic bag material blocks ultrasound and is prone to puncture. Cross contamination is also a concern, but using two bags or a bag inside a beaker creates a double-barrier, reducing cleaning effectiveness.

The Solution

iSonic DS310 miniaturized commercial ultrasonic cleaner with a disposable PET cup

  • The world’s smallest commercial ultrasonic cleaner-less than 9 by 6 by 6 inches-features a powerful stack transducer and power intensity 2 to 3 times or higher than a larger instrument cleaner

  • Using a standard 9 oz. PET water cup-a hard plastic that transmits ultrasound -provides a leak-free, disposable and lowcost way to clean appliances and it doesn’t interfere with regular instrument cleaning

  • Used in conjunction with iSonic White denture/retainer cleaning crystal it is proven to be effective

  • A disposable PET cup can also be used for chair-side operations such as removing debris from a rotary tool with saline water

  • The system includes an integrated stainless steel beaker with a cover for cleaning burs and files, and the main stainless steel tank can also be used to clean instruments as well


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