Solve My Problem: Easy placement, sound calcium release, and stable, durable results

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report November 2019, Volume 53, Issue 11

The Problem

It can be time-consuming to place a liner under deep restorations because most materials on the market have to be hand-mixed and sensitivity can also be a concern

Another challenge is compatibility, or the ability to proceed with bonding immediately after placement without delay or waiting.

The Solution

TheraCal LC

  • Ideal for direct and indirect pulp capping and as a protective liner

  • The proprietary formulation consists of tri-calcium silicate particles in a hydrophilic monomer formulated to provide significant calcium release* and make it a uniquely stable and durable material as a liner

  • Its formulation allows for a command set with a light-curing unit while maintaining ease of placement due to thixotropic properties

  • TheraCal LC’s precise placement allows its use in all deep cavity preparations. The light-cured set permits immediate placement and condensation of the restorative material

  • TheraCal LC is moisture tolerant and radiopaque and can be placed under restorative materials and cements

  • It can be used as an alternative to calcium hydroxide, glass ionomer, RMGI, IRM/ZOE, and other restorative materials

* BISCO has, on file, the calcium release data for TheraCal LC.

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