Solve My Problem: Software upgrade designed to deliver powerful, trusted practice management

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report November 2019, Volume 53, Issue 11

The Problem

Managing multiple practice locations can be a difficult task

Additionally, coordinating benefits between primary and secondary insurance plans and tracking and managing non-covered items and downgraded codes can be a challenge.

The Solution

DentiMax 20

  • For multiple locations, you can toggle between them on the schedule, post charges according to the facility where the patient is seen, and run your reports according to the location

  • DentiMax 20 is a practice management tool designed to help practices collect more money, but the transparency it lends to financial data also allows you to make informed decisions

  • Calculate estimates in a smarter way by setting coordination of benefits between primary and secondary insurance, new age and frequency limits, set alternate fees, non-covered items, and account for downgrade codes

  • Collect money faster via text notification with a statement link to view and securely pay balances online. In addition, the software now offers a Collections Module where you can assign high, medium, or low collection efforts for past due charges

  • With the new On-Demand Training Guide, you’ll be able to watch a tutorial video whenever you need help while clicking along

  • New focused tools give users new features for smarter, stronger, and faster financials to make your staff more efficient and streamline your workflow

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