Solve My Problem: A Truly Adaptable Milling System

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Dental Lab Products, Dental Lab Products December 2020, Volume 42, Issue 4

The CORiTEC 150i Series from imes icore offers a flexible, adaptive workflow

The Problem

Milling systems aren’t always versatile and often take up valuable office space.

Milling systems aren’t often indicated for a range of applications due to the limitations of the machining angle.


The Solution

CORiTEC 150i Series

  • Features a closed mono-block cast body to enable precise machining in round blank and block form
  • Uses the open-shaped C-clamp for flexibility
  • Offers a machining angle 360°/130° (A-axis/B-axis)
  • Offers 5-axis simultaneous technology with intuitive software, and the CORiTEC 150i PRO and 150i dry units feature integrated computer hardware
  • CORiTEC 150i PRO: allows wet and dry milling for processing of zirconia, wax, polymethyl methacrylate, glass ceramics, titanium, and cobalt-chrome
  • CORiTEC 150i dry: can produce a range of materials
  • An integrated ionizer prevents milled plastics from damaging components
  • The high-frequency spindle can reach up to 100,000 rpm
  • The mills are compatible with a half-open blank holder that enables machining of restorations that require high processing angles.

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