Solve My Problem: Fast Print Speed With Accuracy Delivers the Finest Detail

Dental Lab Products, Dental Lab Products December 2020, Volume 42, Issue 4

EnvisionTEC’s new DK4 Pro high-resolution 4K desktop 3D printer provides the fastest print speed for a standard DLP printer and is designed to deliver extremely accurate parts with fine detail.

information provided by EnvisionTEC

The Problem

3D printers can’t all deliver the accuracy and speed necessary for dental and orthodontic production.

Additionally, some 3D printers are cost prohibitive for small labs and dental practices and do not deliver stable, long-term performance.

The Solution

DK4 Pro

  • Said to offer the fastest print speed for a standard DLP printer and to deliver extremely accurate parts with the finest detail available
  • Built on an industrial 4K DLP projector, which is designed to guarantee stable performance for many years
  • Compatible with all EnvisionTEC DLP resins for the dental industry, providing essential solutions for applications from models to full dentures and everything in between
  • Designed for chairside and small labs, featuring a build envelope of 148 mm x 83 mm x 110 mm (5.8 x 3.3 x 4.3 in), an XY native resolution of 50 μm, and a patented enhanced XY resolution of 25 μm
  • Produced by the original inventors of DLP 3D printing technology. Since 2003, EnvisionTEC has been a leading dental 3D printer manufacturer, developing equipment and material innovations for both the dental and orthodontic industries.