SML relaunches website to reflect commitment to service, Issue 10

SML (Space Maintainers Laboratories) has announced the relaunch of their website

SML (Space Maintainers Laboratories) has announced the relaunch of their website

According to a press release, the move-part of an in-house rebranding effort initiated in 2013 with the introduction of the new SML logo-is the hands-on manifestation of the company’s drive toward increased message clarity, client connection and service satisfaction.

“We began in this industry with the commitment to offering more than just a laboratory service to dentists,” says SML CEO Dr. Rob Veis, “And with, we continue to deliver on that promise. Our new site is a visually stunning, functionally ground-breaking engine of brand effectiveness and client service-reflecting world industry awareness and collaboration while building upon that 50+ year tradition of excellence that has distinguished us from our competitors from day one. clearly defines the SML vision“

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As VP of Marketing and Sales Scott Veis explains, “ is a fresher, faster, far more satisfying online experience. It’s our virtual store … and perhaps more significantly, a vast repository of quick-access information on all things dental and orthodontic. The website serves the fourfold purpose of 1) educating the dental professional as to the function, clinical application and treatment modalities of more than 500 available made-to-order dental appliances 2) providing digital solutions and expert diagnostic recommendations for dental professionals at all levels of expertise and 3) facilitating the order, delivery and tracking of the product or appliance that gets the job done.”

Sessions with the Experts 06: Lifelike Crowns from SML on Vimeo.

Comprised of five companies and offices in the United States, Canada, Australia, Taiwan and Malaysia, SML services more than 150,000 dentists and orthodontists worldwide, providing direct and personal access to everything required for success in appliance therapy. SML is reportedly actively seeking new member laboratories worldwide that are interested in joining the family and working together for mutual benefit.

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Dentists interested in learning more about the SML laboratory franchise may request an introductory orientation by calling 1-800-423-3270. For more detailed information on the offerings and advantages of SML, visit us