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ADA 2014: Big launches and must-see products at the annual session

Issue 10

All eyes were on the Lone Star State as ADA 2014 touched down in San Antonio in mid-October. Arguably the largest dental industry event of the year, the annual meeting draws thousands and thousands of dental community members to wherever it sets down. 

All eyes were on the Lone Star State as ADA 2014 touched down in San Antonio in mid-October. Arguably the largest dental industry event of the year, the annual meeting draws thousands and thousands of dental community members to wherever it sets down. 

With this in mind, many of the biggest, most well-trusted brands launch their latest innovations at the event, or simply grab the opportunity to show off their latest products. Head to the next page for a review of the launches that took place at the event, plus some other must-see products we enjoyed seeing in the Alamo City.

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Watch the video below to learn more about ADA 2014

Tenure4G dual solvent bonding agent from DenMat
Booth #225

Tenure4G features an improved formulation over the Tenure MPB bonding system that provides higher bond strength and reduced sensitivity. Formulated with ethanol and acetone for strength and sensitivity control, Tenure4G is designed to offer more predictable results for restorations. Its easy flow viscosity ensures deep penetration for interaction with the inter-tubule dentin to form a hybrid layer and reduce sensitivity. As a self-cure adhesive, Tenure4G is compatible with all resin composites, eliminating the need for multiple bonding agents, while also ensuring a complete cure that seals deep areas other light-cured, high viscosity bonding agents can’t reach.

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Synea and Alegra handpiece collections from A-dec
Booth #816

The Synea 500, Synea 400 and Alegra 300 handpiece collections offer daylight quality LED+ lighting, plus fatigue-reducing design, lower vibration and more. A distinct feature of the premium Synea 500 high speed or low speed handpieces include a patented LED+ ring for shadow-free illumination. The Synea 400 series offers responsive power and precision, and the handpieces are available to fit all leading quick-disconnect couplers for easy mounting and removal.  The Alegra 300 series offers an air high speed with a self-generating light, plus an “attach and go” concept that lets clinicians add lighted technology without upgrading existing delivery systems.

Filtek Bulk Fill posterior restorative from 3M ESPE
Booth #626

With a simple one-step placement technique up to 5 mm, Filtek Bulk Fill posterior restorative reportedly saves chairtime and improves productivity by giving dentists a “one and done” option. It is formulated for stress relief, with two methacrylate monomers that act in combination to lower polymerization stress. This feature enables bulk placement without sacrificing strength or wear resistance. 

Class II Total Practice Solution from DENTSPLY Caulk
Booth #809

DENTSPLY Caulk is the only manufacturer that offers a complete Class II solution.

To ensure tight, accurate contacts on all your Class II restorations, take a strong first step with Palodent® Plus Sectional Matrix System.

Next, enjoy versatility and control in a single bottle with Prime&Bond Elect® Universal Dental Adhesive – you can elect to total-etch, self-etch, or selective etch to match your preference for the situation. Then use SureFil® SDR® flow Bulk Fill Flowable Base for the first restorative layer and experience low-stress, excellent matrix and cavity adaptation, 4mm depth of cure, and over 5 years of proven clinical success.

For the final occlusal layer, take advantage of simple shading and chameleon blending abilities in your preferred handling with high or low viscosity TPH® Spectra Universal Composite.

Choose NEW SmartLite® Focus LED Curing Light and feel confident that adequate energy will reach and cure material at each step along the way.

Finally, you’re just a single step away from a smooth, contoured composite surface. Complete the job with Enhance® Finishing System, the only true one-step finisher uniquely designed to achieve intermediate and final finishing in a single step. Together, these products work to reduce variability in Class II performance and deliver an optimized result.

A2Z curing light from S-R Tek
Booth #3611

The A2Z curing light from S-R Tek, LLC offers high power output that ensures 5-second cures for commonly used composites. The A2Z is cordless for operator convenience, and has a rechargeable lithium ion battery. With four easy-to-select cure modes, the A2Z meets all of the office’s light curing needs. The timer is adjustable to 5, 10, 15, and 20 second curing times. 

Butler Prophyciency Prophy Angle from Sunstar/Butler
Booth #2508

Patent-pending Butler Prophyciency™ Prophy Angle with the ButlerBloom™ contouring cup is a smarter, more efficient way to clean and polish teeth. In a recent product use test and survey, 71% of dental professionals that used the product felt that it would be beneficial to their prophylaxis procedure and patient care. 

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Adhese Universal from Ivoclar Vivadent
Booth #858

Adhese® Universal is a single-component, light cured universal adhesive for direct and indirect bonding procedures. It’s compatible with all etching techniques: self-etch, selective enamel-etch and total-etch. The only universal adhesive available in the ergonomically designed VivaPen® delivery form, Adhese is delivered directly to the quickly and simply delivered to the preparation with very little waste. Plus, Adhese Universal Vivapen reportedly delivers up to 190 single-tooth applications, drastically reducing the cost per application and contributing to more cost-effective treatments.

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Spirit 3300 dental chair from Pelton & Crane
Booth #852

Pelton & Crane’s newSpirit 3300 Dental Chair offers enhancements in doctor access, patient comfort and aesthetic appeal.

INNOVATOR PROFILE: Pelton & Crane’s ergonomics and innovation make your practice more efficient and beautiful

Not least of these enhancements is the Narrow Back Advantage™.  A narrow backrest, coupled with the ability for the chair to go lower to the ground, allows for ideal oral cavity access for practitioners of any stature in a comfortable ergonomic position.

The chair also keeps in mind the comfort of patients. Slow release foam, contoured armrests and ErgoSoothe™ massage technology creates a relaxing environment, while a new base design makes it easy for patients to enter and exit the chair, and provides enhanced stool access alongside the chair. Plus, a sleek and streamlined new design highlights a modern look for the operatory that instills an image of excellence in patients.

Top 5 benefits of Pelton & Crane’s Spirit 3000 dental chair

Philips Zoom QuickPro from Philips Sonicare
Booth #829

Philips Zoom QuickPro’s application only takes five minutes, which can be easily tacked onto a regular dental cleaning appointment with for ultimate convenience.

After the application, the patient can leave the dentist office and go about his or her day. After wearing the treatment’s transparent formula for 30 minutes, the patient can simply wipe it off. The treatment can whiten teeth up to four shades in just one application.

While in San Antonio, Philips is hosting a live demonstration on successful options for in-office whitening. The product demonstrations include the Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed and Philips Zoom QuickPro. The date and time of the demonstration is Saturday, October 11 between 8 a.m.-9:30 a.m. This demonstrations will offer you a free CE credit and free for all ADA conference attendees. Please pick up your ticket at the Philips booth on Friday, October 10 by 3 p.m.

We first learned about this product at the California Dental Association meeting in San Francisco. Watch our exclusive video from the show below...

OperaDDS from Prehensile Software

Booth #3845

OperaDDS solves the HIPAA-compliant e-mail problem for dental practices, dental labs and other dental professionals, but that is only part of the functionality of OperaDDS.

OperaDDS is a complete information dashboard that unifies dental practice communications so that any team member can instantly be paged, receive e-mail, send orders to labs, or collaborate with other specialists from anywhere there is Internet access. OperaDDS works with all existing hardware and with all current and future computers, tablets and smart phones, with any e-mail address, with and for every dental professional out there. 

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