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Seeing the same dimensions as we operate

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report June 2019
Volume 53
Issue 6

We live and treat patients in a three-dimensional world, so there’s always a bit of problem when using two-dimensional imaging for diagnostics and treatment planning. Sure, 2D intraoral and panoramic radiographs provide a wealth of diagnostic detail and clinical information, but there’s only so much that can be derived from a 2D capture of a 3D structure.

We live and treat patients in a three-dimensional world, so there’s always a bit of problem when using two-dimensional imaging for diagnostics and treatment planning. Sure, 2D intraoral and panoramic radiographs provide a wealth of diagnostic detail and clinical information, but there’s only so much that can be derived from a 2D capture of a 3D structure.

This is where Cone Beam Computed Tomography-better known as CBCT or Cone Beam imaging-offers a vast improvement. These computer-assisted images use a series of captured radiographic information to build an accurate 3D model of a patient’s internal structures, including teeth, bones, nerves and more. With a digital 3D model that can be measured, rotated and integrated with other digital dental applications, a clinician can more accurately diagnose a range of conditions, more precisely plan treatments and more confidently provide care to patients.

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These detailed images generally require a greater radiation exposure for patients, so they shouldn’t be taken without a clinical reason. However, when the appropriate clinical situation presents itself, a CBCT image can be a pathway to a higher standard of clinical care.

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X-Mind® prime

  • A lightweight , compact , wall-mounted system that can fit into the smallest of spaces

  • Combines 2D and 3D technologies, and with the use of a single sensor, the practitioner can quickly and easily switch between modes

  • Offers a wide range of panoramic (24) and CBCT (32) options, covering many clinical applications, including implantology, endodontics, TMJ and sinus imaging

ACTEON North America
877-4ACTEON  |  acteongroup.com

CS 9600

  • Video cameras provide live positioning feedback on the built-in SmartPad

  • Metal artifact reduction algorithms (CS MAR) are included, which reportedly lead to better image quality and allow users to compare images live and without a filter

  • The 120 kV high-power generator captures images at a dose equivalent to the standard 90 kV acquisition but with increased image quality

Carestream Dental
800-944-6365  |  carestreamdental.com


Galileos Comfort Plus

  • All diagnostic imaging tools are accessible via the SIDEXIS 4 software, which is said to allow for an efficient and seamless workflow

  • A single 14-second scan is all that’s required to provide clinical views necessary for diagnoses and treatment plans

  • The SICAT function with real 3D jaw motion allows for treatment planning and practice on a virtual patient

Dentsply Sirona
844-848-0137  |  dentsplysirona.com


  • With its patented design, it’s said to allow for one of the smallest footprints available

  • Equipped with core components manufactured in-house, it has dedicated sensors that automatically switch for each mode (panoramic, cephalometric, CBCT) for convenient use.

  • The PAPAYA 3D unit provides a wide range of field of view (FOVs) from 4x4 cm up to 14x14 cm

Genoray America, Inc.
855-GENORAY  |  genorayamerica.com


Dentri a Extended

  • The Dentri family of CBCT is said to be renowned for its crisp, ultra-HD imagery and the Dentri a series is designed for clinicians to see more and treat more

  • “Ongoing “ software technology development is said to create striking contrast and sharp images

  • Provides a field of view of 16x14.5 cm, allowing for expanded views of the facial structures, sinus, TMJ and dentition

HDX WILL North America
888-850-8810  |  hdxwillna.com

i-CAT FLX V-Series

  • Said to be the industry’s first line of upgradeable dedicated 3D CBCT systems to allow for a seamless expansion into new areas

  • Features three maximum field of views, V8, V10 and V17, featuring the option to scale or collimate the scan height within these sizes

  • Enhanced low-dose imaging options, dedicated 2D panoramic capabilities and Tx STUDIO software are also provided

800-205-3570  |  i-cat.com


Panoura X-era

  • Even with X-era’s largest FOV size (156x79 mm), a full 360-degree 3D scan reportedly takes as little as 12 seconds, reducing the risk of patient movement

  • Incorporating one of the smallest focal sizes in the industry, 0.2 mm, ultra high-definition images with less blurring are said to be created

  • Switching between panoramic and 3D is easy, as is positioning the patient with a 55-degree arm angle

914-592-6100  |  imageworkscorporation.com

Veraview X800

  • This multifunctional unit offering 3D, panoramic and cephalometric X-ray self-adjusts to optimize image quality during acquisition

  • For 3D imaging, a horizontal beam minimizes distortion and reduces metal artifacts

  • This unit offers 11 fields of view for dental and maxillofacial areas, features a voxel size as small as 80 µm and a resolution of 2.5 LP/mm

877-JMORITA |  morita.com/usa




  • The ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ OP 3D PRO’s 3-in-1 platform is said to deliver high-quality images with a versatile selection of volumes and resolutions

  • Features automatic dose control technology with 3D and SMARTVIEW™ for accurate FOV positioning

  • A large, easy-to-use, 10-inch user interface and intuitive patient positioning are also included

KaVo Kerr
800-ASK-KAVO  |  kavo.com

Hyperion X5

  • Light and compact, with technology that generates 80 µm high-definition data in a single scan

  • The MultiFOV feature adapts the X-ray dose and field of view to the patient’s specific build and diagnostic needs, from a minimum of 6x6 cm to a maximum of 10x10 cm,  while the Scout View function assists with 3D alignment

  • Remote control via the virtual panel and dedicated apps allows for simple examination control

800-416-3078  |  cefladental.com/our brands


NewTom GO

  • The ECO Dose protocols and SafeBeam™ functions reportedly allow emissions to be adapted to effective diagnostic needs, thus safeguarding patient health

  • Image acquisition and processing is managed by a single, software program: NNT, fully designed by NewTom, streamlining both diagnosis and treatment planning

  • Eight FOVs and four acquisition modes place 32 3D programs at the user’s disposal

800-416-3078  |  cefladental.com/our brands


  • Equipped with a 3D cone beam sensor with a FOV of 9x9 to 5x5 cm, enabling high-definition (87 µm) scans

  • Incorporating Automatic Layers Integration System (ALI-S), the unit automatically selects the best sections in order to display a quality high-definition image

  • Weighing in at just 145.5 pounds, this ultra-compact, lightweight unit features a range of programs for practice needs, scanning models and impressions for implant surgery that are both safe and effective

Owandy Radiology
203-745-0575  |  owandy.com



  • Designed to surpass the demands of industry leaders, it offers 2D, 3D and optional cephalometric imaging

  • Equipped with a large 25x30 cm sensor that captures 3x3 cm up to 30x30 cm volumes and utilizes four built-in cameras for live patient positioning

  • Incorporates Planmeca CALM™ technology, which corrects patient movement during CBCT acquisition, and Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™ imaging, which is said to provide an average reduction in dose of 77 percent with no statistical reduction in image quality

630-529-2300  |  planmecausa.com

PreXion 3D Excelsior CBCT Scanner

  • Couples the smallest focal spot (0.3 mm) with the following: a voxel size of 0.1–0.2; 1024 volume size; 360-degree gantry rotation

  • Software advances allow for 30 percent lower radiation exposure and are said to flawlessly integrate into customers’ networks without special hardware

  • PreXion3D Viewer can be installed on all Windows PCs on the network, allowing any computer to view scans with no additional or annual  fees

855-PREXION  |  prexion.com



  • Scan and view in less than 10 seconds with more detail; 70 μm resolution at 4x3 cm.

  • Image reconstruction in six seconds is said to be due to superior imaging processing technology.

  • Light-guided free FOV helps to scan only the area you need, minimizing  X-ray radiation dose

Ray America Inc.
800-976-4586  |  rayamerica.com

Green CT 2

  • An advanced 4-in-1 digital X-ray imaging system that incorporates PANO, CEPH (optional) CBCT and MODEL Scan

  • The Multi FOV enables the user to select the optimum FOV mode, minimizing exposure. It covers the full arch region, sinus and TMJ and suits most oral surgery cases as well as multiple implant surgeries

  • Minimizes motion artifact and enables faster workflow due to its scan time (CBCT 4.9 seconds)

888-396-6872  |  vatechamerica.com

Rotograph EVO 3D

  • The core of the Rotograph Evo 3D is the innovative Flat Panel Detector (FPD) using Amorphous Silicon technology associated with Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintillator

  • The unit’s 3D field of view of 93x82 mm allows clinicians to obtain the entire dental status of the patient in a single exposure

  • Can be integrated with a digital cephalometric arm or upgraded at a later stage

Villa Radiology Systems
203-262-8836  |  villaus.com


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