REVIEW: SonicFill has 'changed the way I view operative dentistry'

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2013-03-01
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Dr. Michael J. Scoles gives his firsthand opinion of Kerr’s SonicFill composite.

Dr. Michael J. Scoles gives his firsthand opinion of Kerr’s SonicFill composite.

I knew that someday we would be able to place composites all in one step. I only hoped it would happen during my career. With Kerr’s SonicFill composite, that time is now.

While the bread and butter of what we do, operative, no matter which material you use, is often tedious and repetitive. For the past two years, I have used SonicFill composite exclusively for my posterior restorations.

Instead of dreading those quadrant cases, I now look forward to them. This material has allowed us to reduce chair time for our operative procedures, making us much more efficient. Patients continue to remark on how quick the appointments are, a great segue into showing off that your office uses the latest technology to improve the quality of care you provide.

It is hard to explain the mechanism of action without experiencing it yourself. The material changes viscosities as you apply it. It goes from firm, to fluid, then back to a semi-firm state all controlled by engaging the sonically activated tip into the material.

This product has changed the way I view operative dentistry. Get a demo in your office, experience it in your own hands. SonicFill can improve our job satisfaction and the patient experience!


SonicFill is the only easy to use, sonic-activated, bulk fill dental composite system for posterior restorations that requires no additional capping layer. Proprietary sonic activation enables a rapid flow of composite into the cavity for effortless placement and superior adaptation.

It’s that fast, easy and effective - greatly reducing procedure time. Now you can go from placement to a polished restoration in less than 3 minutes.

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REVIEW: SonicFill has 'changed the way I view operative dentistry'

Dr. Michael J. Scoles gives his firsthand review of Kerr’s SonicFill composite. Written by: Dr. Michael J. Scoles Kerr’s SonicFill composite Date published: 03/06/2013


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