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Product Review: VOCO America's Remin Pro

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2012-11-01
Issue 11

Contemporary Product Solutions presents its review on this protective dental cream.

Contemporary Product Solutions presents its review on this protective dental cream.

The CPS Evaluation Team combined product reviews for the entire team consisting of dentists, assistants, hygienists, patient coordinators and the dental laboratory to review this product.


"Remin Pro is a must for our hygiene department. We use it after every cleaning on every patient." - Cappy Sinclair and team



CPS produced the following comments and reviews following its evaluation of VOCO’s Remin Pro:

Dentist Comments

  • “Very similar to MI Paste.”

  • “Easy to apply.”

  • “Great for those acid reflex patients with acid erosion.”

Assistant Comments

  • “Perfect size tube for easy use.”

  • “Patients love the flavor of the strawberry.”

  • “Our new material of choice for before and after whitening services.”

Hygienist Comments

  • “Seemed to stick better than MI Paste.”

  • “Placed on every Hygiene patient after cleaning.”

  • “Gave it to my patients that had dry mouth and one who was going through chemo. She said it helped so much.”

Remin Pro is a water-based cream that contains hydroxy apatite and fluoride (1.450 ppm sodium fluoride). Remin Pro is available in melon, strawberry and mint flavors. Remin Pro provides extra protection for teeth, and helps to neutralize acids from acid-forming bacteria in plaque. Remin Pro facilitates the neutralization of other acids in the mouth.

Each evaluator received an assorted box of 12 tubes, which contained four melon, four strawberry and four mint.

Clinical Indication

  • After tooth whitening

  • After professional tooth cleaning

  • For the prevention and control of hypersensitivities

  • During orthodontic treatment

Remin Pro
The fast-acting Remin Pro offers triple protective dental care without the risk of milk protein allergies. It is indicated for use after whitening, after professional cleaning and for the prevention and control of hypersensitivities. Advantages include triple protection of fluoride, hydroxyapatite (calcium and phosphate) and Xylitol; Hydroxyapatite restores the mineral balance; contains Xylitol, which has cariostatic properties; easy to apply with the finger or toothbrush.
VOCO America Inc.vocoamerica.com

1. Apply Remin Pro to the teeth with a finger or suitable instrument (toothbrush or swab) and distribute.
2. The patient should distribute the remaining Remin Pro in his or her mouth with the tongue. Remin Pro and the saliva should remain in the mouth for as long as possible (minimum of 3 minutes) for optimal results.
3. The patient should spit out the remaining amount. Rinsing should be avoided if possible. The patient should wait at least 30 minutes before eating or drinking.

Evaluation Team Feedback
The CPS evaluation team, consisting of 30 offices and more than 150 uses, gave Remin Pro a score of 4.5 diamonds. All felt this was a true comparison to MI Paste by GC America. When asked about the flavors and taste, most females liked the strawberry and males liked the mint. Several team members said they used the Remin Pro before and after whitening treatment. Several hygienists noted they never thought to place the Remin Pro on the enamel after cleanings to fill back in the tiniest surface lesions in the tooth, but patients said it tasted great and gave them a smooth feeling to their teeth. Four dentists said they gave it to several patients who had acid reflex to aid in protecting those sensitive areas at the gingival margins. One assistant said she gives Remin Pro to every patient that is in long-term provisionals. In all, every dental team member said they could continue to use Remin Pro. Several asked to have the material in a unidose and available in a caramel flavor, like the Profluorid L Varnish from VOCO.

CPS team gives the Remin Pro by VOCO a 4.5 diamond rating.

About the Review
With the combination of the world’s leaders in their field, Contemporary Product Solutions’ dexterous, knowledgeable and experienced leadership team maintains a sharp eye for emerging products in the field of general and restorative dentistry by providing a “Total Office” perspective of clinical information and application, incorporating photographs and videos to assist chairside procedures for better patient results. CPS will continue to evaluate one product at a time with professionalism, integrity and a commitment to excellence.

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