Dentists tell the stories of how they used 3M ESPE's Filtek Supreme Ultra to change patient lives [VIDEO]

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Issue 11

The 3M ESPE Changing Lives movement encouraged dentists to rediscover the joy that comes with doing well by doing good. Two dentists tell the stories of how they used 3M ESPE's Filtek Supreme Ultra to do just that.   

The 3M ESPE Changing Lives movement encouraged dentists to rediscover the joy that comes with doing well by doing good. Two dentists tell the stories of how they used 3M ESPE's Filtek Supreme Ultra to do just that.   

In interviews with dentists over the years, it is interesting how-for so many-the reasons for pursuing dentistry are remarkably similar: An appreciation for science, an appreciation for the artistry of the task, and a desire to help people.

In the day-to-day rhythms of running a business, managing a team and considering production goals, it can be difficult to remember those original motivations. It is also rare that it would be a dental manufacturer who might help you rediscover the joy that comes with doing well by doing good.

This, however, is what 3M ESPE accomplished through its Changing Lives campaign around Filtek Supreme Ultra, a product celebrating more than 10 years of restoring smiles and more than 400 million restorations.

3M ESPE marveled at the number of testimonials they received from dentists nationwide, speaking to Filtek Supreme Ultra’s capability as a material, but more importantly, its capacity to help patients see the miracles that dentists can make possible.

One such story came from Dr. John Weston, DDS, FAACD, owner of the Scripps Center for Dental Care in San Diego, Calif. He knew “Scott” as a friend first, but invited him to become a patient after hearing his story. Scott shared that things were tough at home after losing his job. He’d been interviewing for quite a while, and when Dr. Weston checked in a few months later, he was still looking for work. At this point, Dr. Weston offered to help, informing Scott that certain research suggested a nice smile can improve confidence and aid in the hiring process.

“Scott said he’d always wanted to do something like that, but that he was worried he couldn’t afford it,” Dr. Weston shared. “I told him to come in and let me take a look.

“My first impression was that this was an involved case,” Dr. Weston continued. “I kept thinking, I’ve got to do something [Scott] can reach that will also give him results. What can I do that is long-term, transitional, semi-permanent-all at a price he can afford?”

Dr. Weston has been a Filtek Supreme user for many years, since it came onto the market. What he appreciated about Filtek Supreme Ultra was the opportunity it provided to do procedures with fewer layers while maintaining a natural look with strength and durability. For Scott, this meant results delivered at a price point he could afford. More importantly, it meant re-entering the interview pool with renewed confidence. He was able to secure a job within a week of his completed smile restoration.

Not content to measure success in numbers, 3M ESPE chose to take many of the stories dentists shared-about the lives transformed through new smiles - and make that possible for many more people and children.

Partnering with organizations such as Give Kids a Smile - St. Louis, the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation - America’s Toothfairy, and Oral Health America, 3M ESPE recently honored a deal where, for every three units of Filtek Supreme Ultra purchased, one unit is donated to a partner organization.

And the success stories continue to come in. Based on the success of participating dentists, 3M ESPE will be donating over $40,000 suggested retail value in dental products to participating charities.

The DPR Editorial Team recently had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Matthew R. Young, DDS, owner of Young Dental SF in downtown San Francisco, and a Filtek Supreme Ultra user. With a practice focused on general and implant dentistry, his patients bring a high demand for esthetics as well as function.


“Our patients are seeking esthetic results, and that is what we deliver,” Dr. Young explained. “We make sure our implants look, feel and respond like natural teeth. On the restorative side, we want results to be long-lasting, predictable and beautiful. Our patients also have time constraints, as do most people. They want to be confident with their smile without interruption of their daily lives.

Through work with day-to-day patients, Dr. Young knew Filtek Supreme Ultra delivered “remarkable” results. “The material blends so well to the tooth - it allows the natural beauty to shine through.  Our patients are amazed that their teeth and smile look complete.”

It was through the consistency he’d seen with patients of record that, when an emergency case presented itself, he knew he could not only help, but over-deliver for someone in need.

“I was the Best Man for my college friend Scott’s wedding here in San Francisco.  His Aunt Bobbie was in town, who was so excited about the wedding and seeing family for the first time in a while.”

Dr. Young shared. “The afternoon before the wedding, Aunt Bobbie fell and broke her front teeth.  She was embarrassed and disappointed to see anyone without her smile- sure she wouldn’t be able to see a dentist until she went back to New York.  She had called her dentist and he was concerned she would need crowns based on the fractures.  I told my friend to, ‘Bring her in and we will see what we can do.’

“After surveying the situation, I was able to tell her that this material would hold up and be strong enough to function. That day, with my friend assisting, we rebuilt her teeth and saved her smile for the big event. She was so happy and said she felt so much better. The next day was the wedding and - with 250 potential critics on hand - everyone was amazed by how beautiful Aunt Bobbie’s smile was. Other folks couldn’t believe how great the composite was, but I knew it could deliver that quality. To see Filtek perform under those circumstances and to see that response really meant a lot to me.”

In cases like the ones shared by Dr. Young and Dr. Weston, it is clear that the skill and good will of the doctor are essential, but that the product itself also helps make true transformation possible and affordable. No matter what type of patient base you’re working with, it is also important to consider how you feel about the companies you work with and the products they deliver. For Dr. Young, he’s found a trusted partner in 3M ESPE.

“In private practice, we have to have materials that are predictable. We don’t want to be ‘experimenting’ on patients. We have to have materials with sound research and development behind them. A company like 3M ESPE has advanced the dental field with its R&D and product development - more predictable, easier to use, long-lasting and able to retain true beauty.” 

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