NobelProcera 2G Scanner tackles user efficiency with new features, upgrades [VIDEO], Issue 3

“Efficiency is productivity, and productivity is money.”

“Efficiency is productivity, and productivity is money.”

With its optical scanners for CAD/CAM dentistry, Nobel Biocare created the next generation in scanning technology – conoscopic holography – for highly precise data acquisition.

Now, it looks to add to that next generation innovation with its new NobelProcera 2G Scanner.

The NobelProcera 2G Scanner offers an easy upgrade for 1G users, but still offers an easy-to-start-with technology for new customers on the market. It hits both sectors, which was an ultimate goal, says Adam Roberts, technical product manager at NobelProcera Systems & Technology. Much time was also spent in perfecting the product software, which is user intuitive.

According to Robert, the easiest explanation is NobelProcera made the product software “smarter.”

Roberts says the biggest incentive for dental laboratories to upgrade to the 2G Scanner comes down to one important factor: user efficiency.

“Efficiency is productivity, and productivity is money.”

Check out this video interview with Roberts as he explains the core differences between the NobelProcera 2G Scanner and its previous 1G generation.

“We lower the learning curve with the new 2G system to be able to bring a better result with less interaction on the user’s part,” Roberts says.

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