Amann Girrbach looks to continue meeting, surpassing lab demands in 2013, Issue 3

In 2013, Amann Girrbach is aiming to make your life easier in the lab.

In 2013, Amann Girrbach is aiming to make your life easier in the lab.

At this year’s recent International Dental Society meeting in Cologne, Germany, Amann Girbach America's Vice President Albert Garza and Head of Research and Development Oliver Armann told Dental Lab Products how their company is hard at work developing products and technology that meets every practice and lab exactly where they’re at.

“Our goal is to deliver the benefits of digital technology to our customers based on the demands they have in their lab,” Garza says. “We feel very confident in the solution we can offer and the benefit to these customers by being able to offer inter-compatibility with other components.

"We’re not interested in having somebody be required to purchase an entire suite of products just to take the first step into digital dentistry or production.”

Amann Girrbach’s plans this year include an increased push for its in-house CAD/CAM and milling systems, which will make it possible for any lab or practice to participate in these increasingly vital technologies.

“From a cost perspective, it makes a lot of sense,” Armann says. “You don’t have to spend two, three, four hundred thousand dollars for a CAD/CAM system. [If you spend], say, $100,000 and you’re fully equipped and you can do a lot of work you would usually send to a milling center.”

To hear more about Amann Girrbach’s exciting goals for 2013, check out the full, exclusive interview below.

Photo courtesy of Amann Girrbach