March 2020 New Dental Products

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report March 2020
Volume 54
Issue 3

[On the Cover Products]

CEREC Primemill

Capable of both wet grinding and dry milling, the CEREC Primemill is a chairside CAD/CAM mill capable of producing single crowns from a variety of materials including zirconia in less than 5 minutes. Featuring two spindles and four motors, the Primemill does not sacrifice accuracy in the name of speed. Beyond its fast milling capabilities, the mill features other innovations designed to aide practice efficiency including a 7-inch touchscreen interface with guided workflows, a camera capable of identifying material blocks, and an RFID reader that scans tools to identify them and track their lifespan. The mill alerts users when tools need to be changed, guides users through routine maintenance steps, and an LED strip displays progress of the current job.

Why this mill is a big achievement:

The CEREC Primemill is not only fast, but it is also versatile and ready for expanded uses in the future. The Primemill is capable of producing restorations from a range of materials including zirconias, glass ceramics, and resin composites. However, it is also ready for materials not currently in use chairside such as titanium. While the fast milling mode is eye catching, the mill also features an Extra Fine milling mode and new 0.5 mm tools designed for producing highly detailed occlusal fissures and interdental areas on bridges.

Dentsply Sirona

844-848-0137 |


Solea Sleep

Designed as a solution for the more than 90 million U.S. adults who snore, Solea Sleep is a new protocol for using the Solea Dental Laser to help patients achieve better sleep. The laser application reportedly is a simple, 5-minute procedure that can tighten the tissue of the patient’s soft palate in order to reduce vibrations which can cause snoring and disrupt sleep. To achieve these same results using other laser technologies such as erbium, it would reportedly require three or four 30-minute treatments. Solea Sleep is currently in limited market release and will be widely available in May 2020.

Why this laser solution is innovative:

Already among the most versatile dental technologies currently available, this new sleep application continues to expand what can be done with Solea Dental Laser. The system’s proprietary 9.3 μm CO2 wavelength is already proven to be capable of handling a wide range of soft tissue procedures as well as crown preparations and other bone and hard tissue applications. This expansion to provide a new soft palate treatment option keeps the Solea laser in a unique place in the dental industry and continues to bring new patient-facing solutions to practices employing the technology.

Convergent Dental




Designed to connect orthodontics, oral surgery, and prosthetics, the WOW intraoral scanner captures both 2D and 3D images and can work with standard open-architecture file formats to export scans to any open CAD platform. The scanner captures color images, and features a small, comfortable handpiece said to be easy to grip like a pen. The accurate intraoral images and 3D models captured by the scanner reportedly aid in diagnostics and communication between clinicians and patients. The WOW scanner is offered at an economical price and comes bundled with an MSI GS65 laptop.

Why this scanner stands out:

The WOW intraoral scanner is described as a software-based scanner, and it is reportedly updateable without replacing any hardware. The company plans to provide software updates free of charge to WOW scanner users, making this already affordable scanner a potential long-term investment. As intraoral scanning is a growing area of many dental practices, finding a piece of technology capable of growing as a practice grows can be game changing.


505-235-1016 |

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[Resin Cement]

NexusTM Universal

Nexus™ Universal is an adhesive resin cement formulated to allow clinicians to cut their procedure steps by up to half. It also offers a flexible workflow to accommodate a clinician’s preferred cementation technique. Nexus Universal is reportedly the first cement to offer total dark-cure compatibility with any leading universal bonding agent. With its redox indicator system, Nexus virtually eliminates discoloration for better color stability and long-term appearance. It is compatible with a full range of indirect restorations, as well, including resin, zirconia, gold base metal alloys, and lithium disilicate.

KaVo Kerr
888-275-5286 |

[Flowable Syringe Tip]

Flowable Syringe Tip

This new and improved syringe is designed to simplify placement for 3M’s current flowable composites-3M™ Filtek™ Supreme Flowable Restorative and 3M Filtek Bulk Fill Flowable Restorative. The new tip is said to produce virtually no bubbles or material run-on during dispensing. The easy-to-bend cannula can be bent by hand without kinking, allowing for access to the prep area. The new syringe is also more ergonomic, featuring a triangle finger plate and larger plunger which are said to make the syringe easier to hold while injecting.

800-634-2249 |

[Loupe Frames]

TempoTM Refined Fit Frames

The Tempo Refined Fit loupe frames are designed to provide maximum comfort for clinicians who find traditional frames are a poor fit, usually those with a lower nose bridge or prominent check bones. The Tempo Refined Fit frames are designed to minimize common problems, such as frames sliding down the nose bridge or uncomfortably resting on cheek bones. They feature a unique nose pad wire to allow for a comfortable and secure fit. The Tempo was built with the optimal angle of pantoscopic tilt to alleviate discomfort and are available in a range of design features.

800-369-3698 |

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[Universal Cleaner]




When cementing a restoration during trial fitting, the bond strength is reportedly weakened due to contamination with saliva and blood in the oral cavity. Enter KATANA Cleaner, which is designed to clean up contamination and improve bond strength. This cleaner is highly effective thanks to the surface-active characteristic of MDP Salt. KATANA is said to have a pH value of 4.5, which allows usage not only extraorally, but intraorally as well, making it an all-purpose universal cleaner for tooth structure and prosthetics. It offers an easy, two-step workflow prior to cementation and reportedly only requires 10 seconds.

Kuraray Noritake
800-879-1676 |

 [3D Printer]


Dental labs and practices can now print precise models and accurate surgical guides with the VeriBuild LCD 3D printer. This open system printer is designed to print 405 nm print resins using the proper file with its advanced software. It features high resolution 47 μm capability and is equipped with Wi-Fi and auto-calibration. One Alpha 3D Nesting Software with no annual fees, two spare LCD panels, two resin vats, one build platform, and two resin vat film sheets are all included. 

Whip Mix
800-626-5651 |

[Bonding Agent]

Regennex Bioactive Universal Bond

Regennex Bioactive Universal Bond incorporates bioactive materials directly into the adhesive layer, depositing biologically charged ions where it counts. This is said to allow clinicians to obtain bioactivity while using any composites or other restorative materials. Regennex uses Bioglass as the active ingredient, which is an osteogenic catalyst reportedly proven to stimulate bone cells toward self-repair. Bioglass is a biocompatible and antimicrobial material that is said to release the necessary ions to stimulate hydroxyapatite formation.

Vista Dental
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[Resin Cement]




ZR-Cem is a universal, self-adhesive resin cement specially formulated for zirconia that reportedly delivers superior bond strength and color stability. Its unique formula contains 1-MDP, which enables a strong bond to all ceramic materials, dentin, and enamel. ZR-Cem’s BPO/amine-free initiation system is said to translate to superior, lasting color stability compared to other cements. No pre-treatment of the crown or bonding is required, making it easy to use. Dual-cured with optimal viscosity, it handles well, is easy to clean up, and does not require refrigeration.

Premier Dental
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Tetric® Prime

Tetric Prime is a universal composite focused on Prime handling and offering a universal option to fit dentists’ workflows. It’s designed to provide the creamy handling necessary to brush and place in the anterior, but also provides the adaptability and non-slumping characteristics necessary to provide efficiency in the posterior region. Tetric Prime offers a single shade option for Class I and II restorations. The “T” shade is said to be 17 percent translucent and contains refractive index technology designed to match the optics of the natural tooth structure. It features a high radiopacity to visualize marginal integrity and ensure proper diagnosis in future recalls. 

Ivoclar Vivadent
800-533-6825 |

 [Lab Motor]


Heavy Duty Brushless Lab Motor

The Heavy Duty Brushless Lab Motor is newly upgraded to provide more power, performance, durability, and portability. The brushless 50k rpm micromotor unit is ideal for heavy acrylic use and can be operated in either vertical or horizontal placement. The Heavy Duty features an easy-to-read digital display, customizable preset memory storage, hand/foot change button, and self-diagnostic error display. A handpiece and variable speed foot control are included.

866-244-2954 |

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[CAD Software]

DentalCAD 2.4 Plovdiv

DentalCAD 2.4 Plovdiv features a significantly enhanced FullDenture module, which allows the design of removable single jaw dentures in a guided digital workflow. With the new expanded functionality in the FullDenture module, practically all digital full denture production methods can be mapped. An improved thimble crown design optimizes workflow for creating implant borne thimble bridges without rescanning the substructure. Model Creator allows new parameters, which allow adjustment of the offset around the model analogs and includes an extended library for attachments. The PartialCAD module has been improved for this release, featuring extended control and new options to meet fit preferences.

855-396-4223 |

[Curing Oven]

CUREbox® Plus

The CUREbox Plus has all of the same features as the CUREbox, plus a few unique additions. For the dental industry, a dental one-touch preset makes it even easier and more efficient to use. The CUREbox Plus has a large temperature range (30 to 80 degrees C) and has the ability for fast heating. Just like the original CUREbox, the Plus has a large capacity chamber that measures 12-by-12-by-6.25 inches, designed to be sufficient for most dental parts. Both versions are also clean-room friendly and support virtually all of the photosensitive resins on the market. 

Wicked Engineering
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[Implant Abutment]

SMARTbaseTM Engaging Ti Base Abutments

The SMARTbase CAD/CAM engaging abutment system features a dual hue finish for enhanced esthetics. The gold anodization allows for the use of more translucent restorative materials while the pink anodization of the titanium base offers a more natural blending with the gingival tissue. The concave transgingival profile is designed to shape tissue growth for a thicker gingival cuff, reducing the chances of the abutment showing through and enabling subcrestal placement. SMARTbase supports any workflow and is available in a variety of cuff heights and profile widths. With its “Floating Screw” option, the fixation screw can be pre-assembled into the base prior to placement for easier seating of the restoration.

Implant Direct
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