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Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2012-08-01, Issue 8

A Q&A with Dr. Gregory Jacob about his long-lasting partnership with Lang Dental Manufacturing.

A Q&A with Dr. Gregory Jacob about his long-lasting partnership with Lang Dental Manufacturing.

Q: How long have you used Lang Dental Manufacturing products and when did you first learn about them?
GJ: I started using Lang Products while in dental school during the 1980s and continue using Jet today.

Q: What makes the Jet Set-4 such a great product for you?
GJ: It is a strong, time saving material that polishes very nicely and maintains marginal integrity.

Q: You help out with off site care. Tell us why some Lang products make this possible to deliver care outside of the normal office setting?
GJ: Lang is a responsible technological leader that I consider to be a partner in helping to provide great patient care. They provide proven and cost effective materials and equipment that are predictable, reliable, durable, versatile, convenient and adaptable for use in a wide variety of environments including office settings, laboratories, community residential institutions as well as public health or field clinics.  

Q: Tell us about some other Lang products that you use and why you like them.
GJ: Lang products are also energy saving. For example, the Aquapres is an efficient compact pressure pot that can be used anywhere with confidence. It requires only water to operate and there is no need for external connections to any electrical compressors or other compressed air sources as with typical pressure pot systems.

Aurora is a visible light-cured custom tray material that can be pre-mixed into just about any properly needed amount.  This contrasts to competitors’ pre-sized formed wafers of uncured material that often results in leftover scraps or insufficient coverage/thickness. Aurora can also be easily and quickly shaped into a final tray form with few post-cure adjustments.

When used according to the instructions, Jet Set-4 is a time saving and rapid curing crown and bridge acrylic that is stronger and more accurate than Bis-GMA materials. It polishes very well and produces great margins.

Q: What makes you choose Lang products and tell us a little about why using new products from Lang works so well.
GJ: There is a great need for every full denture patient to have a spare duplicate denture for emergency or temporary use. There is no need however, to discuss the difficulties experienced by patients who experience lost or damaged dentures. Furthermore, it is completely understandable that routine laboratory services regarding denture repair, reline or rebase procedures may involve the absence of the dentures over several hours or days. Lang’s denture duplicator is available in kit form with acrylic as a system for creating spare dentures in an affordable and time saving manner in the office or lab. The duplicator uses simple procedures that do not alter or damage the original dentures.

The Lang Dental website contains valuable tips and comprehensive product information that is easy to access and learn.

Dr. Jacob, who has a special interest in removable prosthodontics, enjoys using and talking about Lang products, but his commentary is voluntary and does not reflect on any endorsement for compensation.