Innovator Profile: Zolar Dental Lasers help doctors treat different tissue types

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2014-07-01
Issue 7

DPR sat down with Dr. Robert Convissar, DDS, FAGD, to learn more about how Zolar's dental laser will help doctors improve treatment. DPR: Tell us a little about your background with dental lasers.

DPR sat down with Dr. Robert Convissar, DDS, FAGD, to learn more about how Zolar's dental laser will help doctors improve treatment.

DPR: Tell us a little about your background with dental lasers.

Dr. Convissar: I am a little different from the average user. I have 10 lasers in my office - a few CO2s, an Erbium, an Nd.YAG and a bunch of diodes. I have been lecturing on laser dentistry for 24 years, and have also authored textbooks and numerous articles. I have been all over the world multiple times, lecturing in Beijing, Hong Kong, Bangkok, London, Sao Paolo, Mexico City, Florence, Barcelona and, of course, almost every state in the USA and throughout Canada.

DPR: What are the best features of Zolar lasers?

Dr. Convissar: I love the fact that it offers both disposable tips and a long fiber-optic cable. I much prefer the long fiber-optic cable, which reduces overhead drastically. A 3-year warranty is a fantastic deal, and I also love the fact that both the duty cycle and the Hz can be adjusted.

The more variability built into a laser, the better able the doctor is to treat patients’ different tissue types. It comes with more than 20 presets. Presets are merely suggestions for average patients...with the variability of this laser, which has option of multiple customized programs, I can titrate the correct settings for each patient.  

Also, the word “diode” is not descriptive. All of the peer-reviewed literature and research shows that of all of the diode wavelengths, the 980 diode wavelength is the preferred for dentistry due to its superior absorption in oral mucosa when compared to other diode wavelengths. So, when deciding on a diode, you want the best diode for the patient’s comfort and for the doctor’s efficiency ... and that’s the 980 wavelength.

DPR: What would you say to a colleague considering adding lasers to his or her practice?

Dr. Convissar: When purchasing a laser, one of the most important factors to consider is the TRAINING that comes along with the laser. Zolar does not just give you a CD and a workbook or a webinar and a pat on the back. They offer Academy of Laser Dentistry Standard Proficiency Certification, which is the absolute minimum amount of training anyone should have before picking up a laser and putting it into a patient’s mouth.

DPR: The PHOTON laser received a 5 Star rating from the DENTAL ADVISOR. What would you consider some of its best features?

Dr. Convissar: As I mentioned, the 3-year warranty really is a great deal. But other highlights about the Photon lasers include the built-in tutorial, the fact that it can be easily moved from one operatory to another, and its long battery life. I also like that it comes equipped with all the accessories necessary to start using it in your practice.

One thing we should be clear about is that diode lasers are very good, as long as they are used for the correct applications. The Photon 980 is the best of the diodes out there, but when it comes to certain soft-tissue procedures, dentists will want to go with the CO2 wavelength.

Additionally, those interested in more information on dental lasers and training seminars can check out my website at


Photon 3W and Photon Plus 10W

More than 20 preset procedures
Multiple customized programs
Exceptional 3-year warranty
Delivery system-both options available (disposable tips and disposable cutting fiber).

**NEW FEATURE** Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)* pending regulatory approval*




For more information about these and other Zolar products, call 1-888-410-2310 or head to

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