Innovator profile: NSK dental handpieces exceed expectations

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2014-07-01
Issue 7

To learn more about how NSK Dental, LLC is changing the caries detection landscape with its handpieces, DPR sat down with NSK's Manager, Masato Hamada, to learn more about the innovative device.

To learn more about how NSK Dental, LLC is changing the caries detection landscape with its handpieces, DPR sat down with NSK's Manager, Masato Hamada, to learn more about the innovative device.

DPR: What sets NSK handpieces apart from the competition?

Masato: NSK manufactures more than 85 percent of its handpiece components in-house, which provides reliable product development and precise quality control. Additionally, this allows for integrated Organization and Operation, R&D, Production and Sales.

NSK listens to the customer’s voice, and is committed to meet the consumer’s needs, so that NSK can deliver products that exceed expectations. NSK has established an operation that enables a complete internal development while providing prompt response to various market trends and needs.

In addition, NSK makes it easy for a dentist currently using a competitor’s highspeed air-driven handpiece by manufacturing handpieces that fit to competitive couplers (swivels). Therefore, clinicians do not need to purchase new couplers for each of their operatories, but only needs to purchase the type that fits to their existing handpieces. This saves time and money.

DPR: Talk about the launch of the Ti-Max Z series and how it has been received by the dental profession.

Masato: Dental professionals request two contradictory features to an air-driven, highspeed handpiece: ‘power’ and ‘small head size.’ Thanks to NSK’s 80-year history of manufacturing dental handpieces, NSK could launch the product which incorporates improvements on both features! The Ti-Max Z series embraces these key features and has really exceeded the expectations of dental professionals.

DPR: You offer dentists a one-week trial of your handpieces. Why is that? What is the feedback you receive after that time? 

Masato: A one-week trial gives a dentists sufficient amount of time to test the handpiece in a variety of clinical indications. There are certain types of trials (for example, electric) that require a dentist to ‘get used’ to a different feeling in the handpiece. We want dentists to be comfortable with the product that they are purchasing. The time frame of the trial allows this. After one week, a high percentage of dentists choose to purchase the product that they trialed because they like the operation (power and cutting ability) and ergonomics (weight, balance, visibility, access) so much.

DPR: What are NSK’s plans for the future?

Masato: We will attain No. 1 global market share and be distinctly ahead of our competitors as the leading dental rotary instrument company.
To achieve this goal, we will continue to enhance our production facilities and constantly launch innovative products.

DPR: What is the one thing you want dental professionals to know about NSK?

Masato: NSK is invested in the future of dentistry, and will provide cutting-edge products and first-class services for our customers worldwide.


Ti-Max Z900L

This series of air-driven handpieces features one of the most powerful air turbines at 26 watts of power. It also offers a light titanium body and a DURAGRIP that makes it easier to hold when wet.

Ti-Max Z800L

This air-driven handpiece offers a consistent 23 watts of power, a light titanium body and DURAGRIP. This series offers a new level of comfort to both clinicians and patients like never before.


This handpiece maintenance system can be implemented with the simple touch of buttons. It offers preset oil volume for each type, consistent cleaning and lubrication, chuck-cleaning function, low oil cost and a compact body.




Ti-Max X450

This series of air-driven handpieces combines 21 watts of power with the access and visibility of a 45-degree design for surgical indications. While seven of the nine models are optical versions, all models offer a light titanium body, durability and a two-year warranty.



For more information about these and other NSK products, call 1-888-675-1674 or head to




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