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Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2014-07-01, Issue 7

"Electrics offer significant versatility": A Q&A with William Irwin, product manager for KaVo North America.   

"Electrics offer significant versatility": A Q&A with William Irwin, product manager for KaVo North America.   

Q: What is the most frequent question or concern you hear from dental professionals about this category?

A: In the context of electrics, there are a lot of concerns that electric handpieces are too heavy and difficult to maintain. Historically, motors were heavy and bulky, which would cause the dentist significant fatigue over a full day’s use. The maintenance required to keep the motor in optimal condition seemed complicated and time consuming.

Q: How does your company and your product, specifically, seek to answer that question or meet that need?

A: To meet the heavy/bulky complaint, KaVo’s German engineering team developed the KL703 short motor, which weighs 30 percent less and is 25 percent shorter than the other leading option for electric motors. With this shorter, lighter motor, we are able to get doctors close to the feel of an air driven handpiece. Combined with the GENTLEpower 25LPR, the doctor can practice comfortably and efficiently all day long. 

On the maintenance front, the answer is QUATTROcare Plus. It takes the guesswork out of maintaining electric attachments.

Q: What about this product category do you think helps the dentist practice better clinical dentistry?

A: There are several major benefits. The first is performance. Electric handpieces are very powerful, and they’re able to offer constant speed and torque, which improves efficiency and time per procedure. With increased power and constant speed, many dentists are making better preparations, leading to less rework down the road. 

Second, electric handpieces are very quiet and virtually vibration free. KaVo’s electrics run at 55 decibels-about the level of a normal conversation. The 25LPR features the triple gear system, which reduces the vibration even more. The real benefit is greater patient and dentist comfort.

Lastly, electrics offer significant versatility. The doctor can perform a range of different procedures using the highspeed, lowspeed and specialty functions of a single motor. 

Q: How is your company or product leading the way for innovation in this category?

A: KaVo has a long history of commitment to quality, performance and innovation. This is evident in the products we bring to market: the KL703 short motor, launched in 2012; the COMFORTdrive launched in 2009; and, the only risk-free trial program of its kind. We allow dental professionals to try our products for a week so that they can experience the difference and see the KaVo quality first-hand. KaVo is the best at the right price.

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Recent Innovations


The newest addition to KaVo’s high-speed collection, the MASTERtorque M8900 L now has 20 percent more power (compared to 6500BR) at 23 Watts, the same industry leading noise level of 57 dB, and NEW Direct Stop Technology (DST). 

Direct Stop Technology stops the bur in less than one second (on average) when the doctor steps off the foot control. This increases working efficiency and reduces the potential for soft tissue damage. DST also prevents the drawback of aerosols and debris, increasing the life of the turbine and improving overall handpiece hygiene. 

Our Master Series premium air handpieces operate at a very low frequency range; in fact, MASTERtorque M8900 L and MASTERtorque mini M4500 L are two of the quietest high-speed air handpieces available. An extremely well-balanced turbine reduces acoustic pressure and high-frequency peaks to protect your hearing and helps create a relaxing environment for all. The unique ball-bearing technology guarantees quiet and virtually vibration-free operation.

KL703 Short Motor

Featuring MULTI LED and SAFEdrive, the KL703 short motor works with a wide range of attachments for restorative, orthodontic, pedodontic and endodontic procedures. The motor is said to be lightweight and quiet with precise cutting performance using ELECTROtorque TLC and ELECTROtorque plus controllers and Plug-n-Prep calibration technology. The motor is available as an integrated option in the Pelton & Crane Spirit 3000 delivery units.


QUATTROcare Plus

The QUATTROcare Plus Automatic Handpiece Maintenance System is designed to clean, lubricate and purge instruments with the simple push of a button. Loading and operation is easy, as is the automatic care and maintenance procedure.

The QUATTROcare Plus can be used for virtually all manufacturers’ high-speeds, low-speed contra-angles, straight handpieces, air driven scalers and air motors.


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Five reasons to Try KaVo for five days

Wondering if a KaVo handpiece is for you? You can put them to the test, risk-free, with the Try KaVo program. Here’s how it works: Choose a KaVo handpiece you’d like to try at

, demo the handpiece in your office for five business days, and then return the handpiece to KaVo-no strings attached.   Here, KaVo Product Manager William Irwin offers five reasons you should Try KaVo for five days:

1. Try High-Quality for Free

KaVo is recognized as a leading dental manufacturer worldwide. KaVo products offer maximum comfort for patients during treatment plus precision and time saving for dental professionals.

2. Try KaVo is One-of-a- Kind

Try KaVo is the only program of its kind in the dental industry. Visit and select the KaVo product you want to try.

“The product ships to you, you get to use it for five days, then you drop it in a box and ship it back to KaVo,” Irwin says. KaVo even includes pre-addressed and pre-paid packaging for your return.

3. No Pressure from Sales Reps

Scheduling an appointment with sales representatives every time you want to try a new product can be exhausting. With the Try KaVo program, you can try the products you want without setting aside time for a sales pitch. Plus, you actually get to use your product on live patients in the comfort of your office-no more demos on bones or cutting blocks.

4. Easy-to-Use Web Portal

If you prefer purchasing products online, you can still use the Try KaVo web portal.

“There is a very broad selection of KaVo products-from air driven to electric to hygiene,” Irwin says. “It’s an easy to use checkout process, much like you’d use on Amazon to purchase your products.”

Select the KaVo product you’d like to try, enter your zip code to find a dealer in your area and place your order. Your package will be delivered via FedEx to your office.

5. Risk-free Trial Program

The Try KaVo program is risk-free.

“You get it for five days-if you don’t like it or you want to try other KaVo products before making a final purchase, you can send it back,” says Irwin. “Or at the end of the trial, you can talk to your sales rep about purchasing your KaVo product.”

The KaVo Bundle Program

Ready to update your delivery units? Think about adding a bundle, too.

Through the KaVo Bundle Program, you can buy handpiece bundles at a reduced price, usually 35 percent less than if bought individually, when you update to a new delivery unit. Restorative, Operative, Endo and Hygiene bundles are available.

“You only get this opportunity when you purchase a new unit,” Product Manager Christine Meaney said. “Let’s say you haven’t tried electrics in the past. This makes it affordable to upgrade to electric, where you might not have tried it because of the cost.”

“You can take advantage of this bundle program if you’re buying a Pelton & Crane unit or a unit from any other manufacturer,” Meaney said.

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4 handpiece and small equipment tips to always keep in mind

KaVo talks about its handpiece experience with these four tips:

1. Experience Matters

KaVo has over 100 years of experience making handpieces and small equipment. With more than 2,200 patents, KaVo has helped pave the way for advances in technology, including: the first sterilizable handpiece, the first quick-release coupling still used today, the first to put light at the head of the handpiece, the first to introduce a caries detection solution, and the first to introduce a risk-free product trial program in

2. Performance you can afford

When purchasing a handpiece, know that KaVo has different options to meet the doctor’s needs in both electric and air categories. The collections feature differing performance features at a price that is right for you. Whether you are a performance seeker or look for comfort and ergonomics in your practice, KaVo has a collection that fits your needs.

3. Quality counts 

KaVo strives to design and manufacture high quality products. Continuous improvement helps us achieve higher levels of quality every day, and this dedication offers customers an experience which far surpasses their expectations. Our renowned and professional sales force is here to help determine which products represent the best value.

4. Don't just admire KaVo ... Try KaVo! 

KaVo’s commitment to innovation for the betterment of your practice drives us every day. It is our passion for quality that fuels our steady growth and world-wide recognition. You can see the outcome in our revolutionary new products, such as the GENTLEsilence 6500BR, KL703 Short Motor, and GENTLEpower 25LPR. We believe these products-and our entire portfolio-are the best in the industry and we encourage you to experience KaVo for yourself.

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What's Hot? 

The KaVo iPad app

Download the KaVo iPad App and stay informed on the best KaVo has to offer. The app is designed to walk you through the Master, Expert and Smart series of handpieces, focusing on Performance, Application and 360° product views.

Dentists can learn about Hygiene 360, Maintenance and innovative Specialty products from KaVo to help determine which one is right for their practice. Users can also download the newest videos from KaVo for easy viewing and access from with just a quick touch of the screen. See for yourself why KaVo Dental has been an industry leader for more than 100 years.


The past decade has seen major advancements in dental materials, technology and equipment-advancements that sometimes present their own challenges. One example is the explosive growth in all-ceramic crowns.

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In this free Ebook and webinar, DPR worked with Michael DiTolla, DDS, FAGD, to examine the challenges and outline specific techniques and equipment that can radically simplify the most challenging restorative cases.

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Whether you want to better understand the product offerings available from KaVo or get insight into the best way to maintain your current KaVo handpiece, the KaVo North America YouTube channel has excellent resources for the curious dental professional. Here are three videos to get you started...

Electric Handpieces

Air Driven

Handpiece Maintenance