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Innovator Profile: How i-CAT FLX is advancing diagnosis and treatment planning

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2014-07-01
Issue 7

In 2014, i-CAT heralds its 10th anniversary as an innovator in 3D imaging. Meeting the needs of dentists and specialists, from lower radiation and better image quality to feature-rich software and education, i-CAT has established a reputation for  excellence by offering award-winning products and services.

In 2014, i-CAT heralds its 10th anniversary as an innovator in 3D imaging. Meeting the needs of dentists and specialists, from lower radiation and better image quality to feature-rich software and education, i-CAT has established a reputation for  excellence by offering award-winning products and services.

As a forerunner in advanced dental imaging, specifically with cone beam technology with the introduction of i-CAT in 2004, i-CAT is excited to celebrate this monumental year. i-CAT and its treatment planning software continue to revolutionize the landscape of 3D dental and maxillofacial radiography with ultimate efficiency and flexibility for maximum clinical control. As i-CAT celebrates a decade dedicated to advancing dental treatment, it continues the development of products that help dentists deliver more precise dental care.

i-CAT owner, Dr. Justin Moody, shares some thoughts on i-CAT innovation and 3D imaging.

DPR: How has 3D imaging changed the way that you approach implant placement?

Dr. Moody: With i-CAT FLX, I have access to detailed and precise information for more precise treatment planning and implementation. The insights that I gain into the patient’s specific dentition allow me to achieve accuracy and also to avoid potential surgical and restorative complications.

Since I have been using i-CAT to place implants, I would not want to go back to 2D radiography. 3D scans show me anatomical landmarks and anomalies while offering precise data on information such as buccolingual dimensions, concavities and bone height. Additionally, the clarity of i-CAT images supports my ability to diagnose, plan and treat. Besides implants, I have seen first-hand in our multi-specialty practice how i-CAT images help in the process of orthodontics and endodontics as well.

Check out this video of i-CAT in action...

DPR: What is one way that the i-CAT FLX provides innovation to the brand?

Dr. Moody: Regarding radiation exposure, one aspect that is very important to dentists is ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable). i-CAT continues to show a commitment to safe and effective 3D cone beam imaging in this category by the development of the QuickScan+ feature, which allows for a full dentition 3D scan at a comparable dose of a traditional 2D panoramic X-ray.

Knowing that fact, it does not make sense for a practitioner to choose to take a 2D X-ray and have less information at his fingertips rather than have all of the details that 3D provides.

DPR: How does the 3D scanning process help in diagnosis and treatment planning?

Dr. Moody: i-CAT recently updated its treatment planning software, Tx STUDIO 5.3, to provide even more tools to take me through the process from surgical placement of the implant and abutment, to final restoration. With this software, we can combine 3D images with intraoral scans for a comprehensive representation of the hard and soft tissues for a more predictable implant process.

We can even choose to import STL files from either digital models or an intraoral scanner and register these with the i-CAT 3D scan in Tx STUDIO software. The ability to share this information with the lab by exporting STL files from Tx STUDIO means that I can create the final restoration based on my exact design.

DPR: How do these innovations impact patient interaction?

Dr. Moody: In a highly visual world, where patients can look up procedures and are use to seeing images on the computer, having the ability to show them a 3D scan of their own dentition before the process is invaluable.

The new Smart Scan Studio Simulator helps with my presentation options even more. The more patients understand why I am choosing a certain path of treatment, the greater the possibility that they will accept my treatment plan, and be more compliant during the treatment. In my experience, compliance can add to the overall success of the final outcome.  

DPR: How do you continue to stay on top of innovation in your field?

Dr. Moody: As a speaker at the last year’s International Congress on 3D Dental Imaging, I had the first-hand opportunity to see how i-CAT coordinates these events and gears them to practitioners at all levels, from dentists who have just implemented the technology to those who are proficient and want to continue learning more. The educational sessions, networking opportunities, exhibits, and highly clinical information that is communicated give the attendees a look at how innovation can make a positive difference to the dental practice.



The i-CAT® FLX Cone Beam 3D system is designed to provide greater flexibility in scanning, planning and treatment. This latest advancement of our award-winning technology offers a range of innovative features that deliver increased clarity, ease-of-use, and control.





For more information about these and other i-CAT products, call 1-800-205-3570 or head to www.I-CAT.com.


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