Innovator Profile: Bisco's TheraCal LC making impact on universal adhesives

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2014-07-01
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DPR sat down with Dr. Paul L. Child Jr., DMD, CDT, the Executive Vice President of BISCO Dental Products to learn more about how TheraCal LC will help doctors have a more durable base for restorations DPR: In your opinion, what makes BISCO stand out from the competition?

DPR sat down with Dr. Paul L. Child Jr., DMD, CDT, the Executive Vice President of BISCO Dental Products to learn more about how TheraCal LC will help doctors have a more durable base for restorations

DPR: In your opinion, what makes BISCO stand out from the competition?

Dr. Child: We are an education-driven company that thrives on teaching clinicians to combine their clinical expertise with scientific evidence. It isn’t enough to just present the features and benefits of our products-we sincerely want our clinicians to understand why our products are superior and to comprehend the mechanisms/chemistry that make our products so reliable. In addition, as a direct company, our customers are always assured fresh products, competitive pricing and extensive research behind all our products.

DPR: BISCO likes to talk about “bringing the science to the art of dentistry.” How does science play a key role in the product development and launches at BISCO?

Dr. Child: We spend years in research and development for a product to ensure that we get it right the first time. Even with next generation products like Duo-Link Universal™, we spent a long time getting the features exactly right.

Our team follows a strict design control process, conducts rigorous and extensive research before and after a product launch, and then we commit to educating clinicians about the science behind the product. Not only do we follow ISO/ADA standards for our research, we also test products in a manner they are used in the oral cavity, so we can understand how the chemistry will affect clinical applicability.

DPR: Speaking of launches, tell us about the recent launch of TheraCal LC and the feedback you’ve been receiving on the product.

Dr. Child: TheraCal LC® is our best-selling product for a reason-it’s another unique BISCO product and it works! We’ve received a lot of feedback from clinicians who are implementing this amazing product into their restorative dentistry daily.

Reports of decreased sensitivity in deep preparations to reduced number of endodontic procedures are being conveyed as more clinicians discover this product. For direct and indirect pulp-capping, I don’t think there is a better product available. Our customers, including key opinion leaders, third-party evaluators and outside researchers, agree that TheraCal LC is a must-have product in every office.

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DPR: While Theracal LC may be one of BISCO’s newer products, Duo-Link Universal and All-Bond Universal have also made an impact on dental professionals. Talk about some of their unique qualities.

Dr. Child: All-Bond Universal® is very unique. It is one of the only truly universal adhesives: one bottle, one layer, all etch techniques, compatibility with self- and dual-cured materials without an additional activator, and bonds to all substrates. All-Bond Universal® is strong-not just initially but, more importantly, durable over time-and reliable for long-term bonds.

This unique adhesive is a great complement to Duo-Link Universal. One of my first goals when joining BISCO was to create the next generation adhesive-cementation kit. We did this by making Duo-Link even better. The clean-up is extraordinarily simple, and the cement is now highly radiopaque and reaches the highest degree of conversion in both self- and light-cured modes, which is unique because most dual-cured cements are cured well with a light, but do not convert as well in the self-cure mode.

DPR: Can you give our readers a sneak peek at some of the things BISCO is working on for the second half of 2014 and beyond?

Dr. Child: Although we are best known for our adhesives, cements and posts, we are reaching out into all areas of restorative dentistry. Our TheraCal family of products will continue to be developed, offering a regenerative solution for a variety of procedures. In addition, we are continuing to explore and develop our BAC technology, currently in all BISCO etchants, to provide clinicians with product solutions that will enhance the longevity of restorations.

DPR: What’s the one thing you want dental professionals to know about BISCO after reading this interview?

Dr. Child: BISCO is a company built upon the core values of integrity and honesty, science-based product innovation, maintaining the highest standards for our products, respect for others and promoting knowledge to benefit the industry. BISCO is a company you can trust to provide the best, research-based product solutions for clinicians.


TheraCal LC®

A light-cured, resin-modified calcium silicate filled base/liner, TheraCal LC is designed for use in direct and indirect pulp capping and as a protective base/liner under composite, amalgam, cements and other base materials.

Said to provide precise placement for use in all deep cavity preparations, its proprietary formulation allows for a command set with visible light curing. The proprietary hydrophilic resin formulation creates a stable and durable liner or base.





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