Ho Dental Company launches Vacu-Mixer

The Vacu-Mixer is said to be the first truly portable VPS mixing machine.

The Vacu-Mixer from Ho Dental Company is said to be the first truly portable 
VPS mixing machine. Dental practices will no longer need to depend on manual hand pump guns or heavy machines for the mixing and delivery of impression materials.

With the touch of a button, the Vacu-Mixer Automated VPS Mixing Machine is designed to mix and serve a completely homogenous mix of heavy body impression material.

A hand pump gun may take as long as a minute to fill a full arch tray. At a dispensing rate of 2 mL per second, the Vacu-Mixer Automated VPS Mixing Machine can reportedly load a full arch tray in less than 10 seconds. Using the Vacu-Mixer is said to eliminate voids and streaks.

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“The ease of use, affordability and portability are critical considerations for any office," says Dr. Philip Ho, founder of Ho Dental Company. "Pairing the Vacu-Mixer with the #1-rated Vaccu·sil VPS impression material creates an unbeatable combination of convenience, speed, accuracy and cost savings.”

  • The Vacu-Mixer Automated VPS Mixing Machine is said to be the first cordless, portable, automatic VPS mixing machine. The ergonomic design makes it easy for any size hand to operate the mixer single-handed.

  • Lightweight, the portable hand held dispenser weighs 1.68 lb. Add the 120 mL cartridge of Heavy Body VPS, and it’s still around 2 lb. Other systems weigh 20 lbs. or more.

  • The Vacu-Mixer Automated VPS Mixing Machine holds a 120-mL cartridge instead of the usual 50 mL. The larger volume cartridge reportedly lowers the cost of materials and reduces waste.

  • Unlike the static gun-type mixing, the rotating Dynamic Mixing tip is engineered to consistently deliver a bubble-free, super-homogenous mixing of the base and the catalyst, thus minimizing distortions and remakes.

  • Mixing tips and cartridges are simple to change and replace.

  • The Vacu-Mixer Automated VPS Mixing Machine is engineered to mix between four and five 120 mL cartridges on a single charge.

  • The Dynamic Mixing tip is said to have reduced waste compared to other dynamic mixing tips.

  • The Vacu-Mixer Automated VPS Mixing Machine is supplied as a portable device, but users can also put it on the stand as a tabletop unit.

The Vacu-Mixer Automated VPS Mixing Machine may be purchased as a single unit or as a part of the Vacu-Mixer Automated VPS Mixing Machine Starter Kit. The kit includes more thna $400 in free supplies, with a choice of regular or fast setting formulas.

Visit www.hodentalcompany.com/vacu-mixer-automated-vps-mixing-machine for more information.