Help your patients relax, Issue 3

Most people don’t like going to the dentist. Find ways to make your patients look forward to it.

Most people don’t like going to the dentist. Find ways to make your patients look forward to it.

When a patient walks through your practice doors-especially for the first time-he or she is likely uneasy and just wants to get the appointment checked off the to-do list. Many patients simply feel uncomfortable, and it’s your team’s job to change that.

Patients should be greeted as soon as they walk into the practice. Leaving them waiting can make them feel even more uncomfortable and anxious. A smile and an interaction with a friendly team member can help put them at ease before the appointment gets started.

The waiting area should be comfortable and free of the noises and smells that tend to make patients uncomfortable. But making patients wait too long before calling them not only serves to make them more nervous, it’s irritating. They have busy lives, too, and many need to get back to work or have a child they need to pick up. Be respectful of their time and they’ll be more relaxed during the appointment and more likely to come back.

Once they get back to the chair, offering them an iPod or turning on the TV can help them relax while they’re waiting for the appointment to begin. Want to really impress your patients? Think about investing in an ergonomic dental chair that offers massage. This will not only help patients relax, they’ll appreciate you making the effort to help put them at ease, and they’ll remember that when they talk to family and friends about your practice. 

Your patients are your practice. Without them, where would you be? You have to know the best ways to attract them to your practice, get them to accept treatment and make them happy, life-long patients.

Now that they're comfortable, check out this Morning Huddle video from Jameson Management for tips on how to get patients to accept needed treatment.