11 tips to increase your practice's productivity

Published on:, Issue 3

More products, procedures and best practices to help you maximize your time and your dental team’s productivity.

More products, procedures and best practices to help you maximize your time and your dental team’s productivity.

Finding spots where you and your team can implement more efficient methods or integrate products to help save time means having a strong sense of what your workflow currently entails. What aspects of your day take up the
most time -considering both the front desk and the operatory? Are there moments of your day where you wish you could spend more time? When do you get most frustrated?

Here are 11 more secrets to success! Check back next week. We have 51 helpful tips in all!

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14 Mobility - Using the E4D Dentist system allows for easy to use and faster transitions from operatory to operatory.

Often, mobile carts like the E4D Dentist system are used to transport chairside systems from operatory to operatory, making these types of purchases more feasible for the practice. The office can also choose varying levels of integration and features to gain efficiencies and other benefits. Proper integration of technology into the practice can help eliminate pain points for the dental team. Insight provided by D4D Technologies

15 Maintenance Matters: Diamonds and burs

Yes, there is a balance to be found between typically “disposable” items that actually end up taking space in landfills, versus essential products that are best used “fresh.” When it comes to maximizing efficiency, one great example of this is the disposable bur or diamond.

There is both the “ick” factor and the time lost when the quality of a bur is diminished by being dull or having compromised surface texture. Single-use diamonds and burs can provide a simple solution to this dilemma. It is important, however, to realize that in many cases, single use means just that and - depending on the procedure - may get you one to two preps. It is important to get the necessary information from manufacturers and, in the end, to make the call about the best way to spend your chairside time.

16 Utilizing organization and color for a more efficient tomorrow.

Managing the overwhelming amount of instruments and materials used takes a lot of training, careful planning and a lot of time. An efficient way to optimize organization to its fullest is to implement a color code system. This offers the eye instant recognition and reduces the time searching for the items you need which is very valuable in the dental office. It’s simple to start: assign a color to each procedure and then I.D. everything by placing it in the appropriate color “organizer” such as a Tray, Tub, Instrument Cassette and Bur Holder. Further identify by utilizing color coded rings and tape. Insight provided by Zirc

17 The amount of time dedicated to retakes decreases dramatically with digital radiography.

The processing time required by traditional film radiography makes the need for retakes costly and time consuming. One of the best parts of embracing digital radiography is the ability to instantly see if the image is good, and if it isn’t, to quickly rectify the situation.

18 Consider custom organization solutions for drawers and set-up.

The most widely used products for organization are the tub/tray system and the cassette system. The Tub System, which is used as a portable drawer, manages consumable materials by procedure. The Tubs should be kept in central sterilization rather than stocking each operatory. The Tray System manages instruments and materials used at chairside for a designated procedure. The company’s Safe-lok™ cover securely locks on the tray to allow safe transportation of contaminated instruments from operatory to sterilization. The Cassette System organizes and protects instruments both at chairside and during the sterilization process. Insight provided by Zirc

19 Automate your recall system.

Consider what your front office team could do with the time usually spent on the phone confirming recall appointments. You don’t need to totally abandon the personal touch, but automated recall is now available through a variety of vendors who can help you make the most of your time while connecting with patients in a way that many of them prefer, such as text or email.

20 Enhance precision and save time through magnification, such as loupes.

Wearing magnification loupes can reduce procedure time and ensure the most thorough exams possible. Plaque build-up, tooth fractures, gum disease, and other oral health concerns are much more noticeable under magnification.

Exacting procedures such as root canals and surgery can be performed with a level of precision not supported by the naked eye. Outfit hygienists and dental assistants with loupes to avoid reworking of preparatory assignments. Insight provided by Orascoptic

21 If you’re looking for a retraction cord alternative, consider combined hemostasis and retraction.

The Traxodent Hemodent Paste Retraction System offers quick and effective retraction - reportedly it takes just 2 minutes, with no fumbling over hemostatic solutions. Then you have all the added benefits, including optimal hemostasis, increased patient comfort, and a convenient delivery system.

22 Incorporate an instrument management system.

Implementing an instrument management system, such as Hu-Friedy’s IMS, is a sure way to boost efficiency in a practice. The IMS System standardizes procedural set-ups allowing clinicians to move instruments from cleaning through chairside without touching or damaging the instruments.

Time-consuming steps such as hand scrubbing, tray disinfection, instrument sorting and searching, and tray preparation are virtually eliminated, saving the office 5 to 10 minutes per procedure. This time savings allows the staff to do more revenue generating activities such as patient call backs and consultations. Some offices can see additional patients each day as a result of the time saved with Hu-Friedy’s IMS System. Insight provided by Hu-Friedy

23 Use your core build up material as a post cement to save time and simplify your post and core procedure.

When a FibreKleer 4X Fiber Post is placed it integrates with Build-it FR Core Material to the root to create one structure with similar flexural properties-a monoblock. The end result is a post that safely retains the core build-up while preserving the integrity of the remaining tooth structure. Whereas metal posts may offer sufficient core retention their rigidity conflicts with the properties of the root increasing the potential for root fractures. Simply etch, use Bond-1 Primer Adhesive and Build-It FR in the post canal before inserting your FibreKleer 4X post, and continue on to place your build up immediately after. No separate cement needed in this case, saving you time and extra steps. Insight provided by Pentron

24 Maintenance Matters: Handpieces


Last month, we spoke with William Irwin, Product Manager for KaVo North America, as part of our broader feature on handpieces. When it came to potential barriers to electric handpieces, one of the hurdles Irwin identified was that the maintenance required to keep the motor in optimal condition seemed both complicated and time consuming.

“The answer is QUATTROcare Plus,” Irwin said. “It takes the guesswork out of maintaining electric attachments.” The KaVo QUATTROcare PLUS was designed to help set a new standard of efficiency for handpiece care. Able to sterilize four handpieces in one minute, the process is simple and fully automated - just press a button