Grow Your Practice With the All-New RevenueWell Phone

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report March 2022
Volume 56
Issue 3

How this all-in-one communication hub drives productivity, improves practice efficiencies, and strengthens patient relationships.

Grow Your Practice With the All-New RevenueWell Phone

As RevenueWell cofounder and CEO Serge Longin puts it: Patient communication is the heartbeat of a dental practice. The company’s marketing software is designed around that core premise, with the goal of making patient communication relevant, timely, and intelligent for dentists and their team members. To that end, RevenueWell’s latest patient relationship management solution addresses a communication pain point dentists have dealt with for years—the phone system.

The phone system should serve as the center of patient communication and is the lifeblood of a practice, Login says. It’s a vital tool dentists can leverage to connect with and engage patients, yet so many aren’t. Instead, they’re using outdated and inefficient systems that frustrate patients and waste team members’ time, translating into lost opportunity and money. RevenueWell Phone changes that.

The cloud-based voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone and text messaging system is designed specifically for dental practices. As an all-in-one communication hub, it integrates with practice management systems to deliver coordinated voice, 2-way text messaging, email, fax, and video conferencing, with everything tied to the practice’s existing phone number.

This modern, integrated phone system offers a variety of features, including an intelligent caller ID system that, when activated, reveals valuable information about who’s on the other line. Details about scheduled appointments, past treatments, insurance information, and unpaid balances pop up on the screen, helping to prepare team members for the call. The result? More meaningful, positive, and informed conversations for patients and significant time back each day for the office staff.

“When a patient can easily and quickly speak with a practice to get their questions or concerns taken care of, it creates a positive experience and they’re more inclined to keep their dental care top of mind. And when a patient is happy with their dentist/dental practice, they’re also more likely to remain a loyal patient and even refer other patients,” Longin says.

Adding RevenueWell Phone gives you another way to connect with patients and ultimately grow your practice. Adding the solution to your communication mix can help you strengthen patient relationships, enhance efficiencies, drive productivity, and boost your bottom line.

The VoIP Advantage
Every patient phone call is an opportunity. When calls go well, potential new patients schedule that first visit, existing patients book treatment they’ve been putting off, and past due patients finally pay their outstanding balances. However, all too often, these phone calls don’t go well.

With traditional phone line systems, patients often end up on hold, hanging up in frustration before they even talk to a team member. In fact, 87% of new patients who are sent to voicemail or put on hold without a proper greeting hang up and never call back, which doesn’t do much for practice growth.1

When patients do get someone on the phone, on a traditional line, it takes time and effort to pull up relevant information about the patient to focus the conversation. The wasted time could be better utilized to build connection or helping others.

VoIP systems have “basically unshackled phone conversations and text messaging from their copper-lined origins,” Longin says, providing several benefits for practices over traditional landlines, which include the following:

They’re more cost effective. With VoIP systems, there’s less equipment to purchase. They can also work with multiple devices, such as your phone and computer, which saves the practice money in the long run.

They’re more flexible. Through the mobile app that comes with the service, team members can connect with patients even when they’re not in the office.

They’re scalable. VoIP technology can evolve with your practice as it changes and expands. These systems have more customizable features than a traditional phone, so you can choose what your practice needs now and add more features as you grow.

They centralize patient communication. Your phone, text messaging, fax, and video are all part of 1 system that’s integrated with your patient management system, streamlining your communications. And every patient communication comes from 1 phone number, so patients always know when your practice is contacting them. Traditionally, voice, text, fax, and video conferencing have all ran on separate systems with different phone numbers attached, leading to confusion and inefficiencies.

Powered by VoIP technology, RevenueWell Phone has over 100 features designed to eliminate the communication roadblocks that waste time, lead to extra stress, and cost practices money.

RevenueWell Phone integrates with existing practice management systems, making it easy to access all the patient information needed to make calls go smoother.

RevenueWell Phone integrates with existing practice management systems, making it easy to access all the patient information needed to make calls go smoother.

“We understand phone systems are the most important communication tools at any practice,” Longin says. “Knowing that, we’ve built a communication hub that’s easy to use, set up, and onboard, and easy for patients to get in touch.”

Convenient and Efficient
RevenueWell Phone provides practices with multiple ways to stay connected with patients. Team members can call patients on the phone, text them, or start a video call all from the same place and with the same phone number.

“When patients recognize your number, they’re more likely to answer and/or reply,” Longin says. “With a unified communication system that integrates with a [practice management system], practices have easy access to patient information so every patient conversation is thoughtful and can impact the patient experience.”

Two-way texting is also available so patients can easily respond if they’re not able to or just don’t want to call the practice. Through the app, team members can call patients remotely, which makes communication more convenient for both your patients and team members.

One of the features dentists like best is ScreenPop, Longin says, which he describes as intelligent caller ID. When patients call in, relevant information about them appears on the team member’s screen, better preparing them for the call. With this feature, dental teams no longer have to chase down patient information every time the phone rings, Longin says. Instead, the information is readily available as soon as the call starts, enhancing efficiencies and reducing stress.

“This enables a more personalized and convenient conversation for both parties,” Longin says. “The status quo in this scenario with traditional phone systems involves spending several minutes sorting through papers, files, sticky notes, or clicking around to find a patient’s information. RevenueWell Phone enables personalized conversations with patients, with call quality that’s typically much better than traditional phone systems.”

Seamless Integration, Top-Notch Support
RevenueWell Phone integrates with existing practice management systems, making it easy to access all the patient information needed to make calls go smoother, Longin says. It also works seamlessly with the company’s marketing platform and forms products, creating that centralized communication hub that drives practice efficiency. “Whether the need is to make a phone call, text a patient, or schedule a quick virtual appointment, it can all be done now, with the addition of RevenueWell Phone,” Longin says.

RevenueWell Phone Features

The cloud-based RevenueWell Phone integrates with the company’s marketing platform, messenger, and forms products to deliver a comprehensive solution for patient relationships and automated practice management. Features include the following:

  • Robust caller ID that provides patient data via a desktop pop-up every time a call comes in
  • Integration with practice management software for seamless interactions
  • Internet protocol–enabled voice calls and 2-way text messaging, all tied to the practice number
  • A mobile application that allows team members to make and receive calls remotely
  • Voicemail to text and visual fax to prevent communication roadblocks

RevenueWell also offers white-glove customer support, which is critical when practices are rolling out a new technology, Longin says. The company has a dedicated support person who will answer any questions or concerns you have, making the onboarding process easy and free of stress.

It’s also possible to update the system on your own so you can add customization to your phone as you want. “Customers can control a wide range of phone capabilities based on their individual office needs,” Longin says. “Whether it’s updating holiday hours or changing dial plans, there’s no more waiting to speak to a customer service representative to make those changes.”

An Opportunity for Growth
Through RevenueWell Phone, office managers and the front desk team can drive appointment scheduling and productivity while minimizing time spent on the phone. Practices can start capitalizing on what once would have been missed opportunities, strengthening patient relationships, generating more revenue, and leading to practice growth.

“Overall, we believe RevenueWell Phone provides a convenient, personalized, and less stressful communication experience for both dental teams and patients,” Longin says. “Convenience is something everyone has come to expect in all areas of their busy lives, and RevenueWell Phone delivers.”

1. Vet, Ryan C., “Phone calls: Are you losing patients at ‘hello’?”, Dental Economics, Aug. 1, 2018,
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