Advertorial: “It’s just as esthetic in the anterior as it is durable in the posterior.”

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report March 2022
Volume 56
Issue 3

Strength, great esthetics, durability, versatility, and easy handling are just some of the many benefits delivered from Henry Schein’s Natural Elegance® line of dental composites.

Henry Schein Advertorial: “It’s just as esthetic in the anterior as it is durable in the posterior.”

Similar to almost every general dentist these days, Lundon R. Albrecht, DDS, uses dental composites every day for a variety of indications. He knows there are a lot of material choices available and that most of today’s composites will get the job done. But as he reaches more and more for the Natural Elegance® line of dental composites from Henry Schein, Dr Albrecht appreciates the multitude of features and benefits both he and his patients experience. He uses Natural Elegance® Premium Composite, Natural Elegance® Premium Flow Nano Composite and the line’s bulk fill materials, and he gets great results and great economics.

The Mentor, Ohio, dentist is part of a family of dental professionals. He practices at Albrecht Family Dentistry with his father, Rusty M. Albrecht, DDS, and his sister, Chandice A. Richards, DDS. On top of that, his sister, Ashley Hacking, runs the in-house dental laboratory. “It’s a total family affair,” he says.

Going With the Flow
When asked about what makes Natural Elegance® Premium Flow Nano Composite special, Dr Albrecht has a difficult time containing his enthusiasm describing the benefits. Versatility is a big plus. Fluoride release is a great benefit. Using to treat children is yet another.

“The Premium Flow is really nice because you can use that literally in every aspect of the mouth—in the anterior and posterior. It’s indicated for class IIIs, IVs, and Vs, but you can use it in class Is and IIs. I’ll use it as a liner underneath all my regular composites,” he says. “If it’s a posterior filling, you can inject it nicely with the syringe. It’s a skinny tip, and you can get into any deep box. Get down in there first, then you can put your packable composite on top of that, almost like injection molding-type fillings for posterior restorations.”

Because the flowable material is a reliable solution for smaller, hard-to-reach places, its wide range of indications include class III, IV, and V restorations; pit and fissure sealants; enamel defects; porcelain and/or veneer restorations; and for the treatment of minimally invasive caries.

Henry Schein

“It’s fluoride-releasing capability makes it great for keeping recurrent decay down. Because it’s a flowable, it is great for kids, because with kids, you have to work fast,” Dr Albrecht says. “You want to get in and out of there fast, and kids don’t want to open real wide. So to be able to have something skinny, [such as] a flowable with a nice tip, you get in there quick, squirt it, and it flows in there really well. You can cure it fast, then you’ve got a nice, strong, and durable restoration.”

He has found the flowable from Henry Schein to be great for pediatric treatment and for Class Vs, where there’s abfractions and root carries.

“You don’t have to take away as much tooth structure, so that’s where the minimally invasive technique comes from. Whether it’s anterior, posterior—wherever you’re at—because you can get into a tight spot, you don’t need to take away as much tooth structure,” he says. “Also, it has good color and looks nice.”

Dr Albrecht expects more clinicians to take advantage of all that Natural Elegance® Premium Flow Nano Composite has to offer. Other advantages include radiopacity that allows restoration visibility on x-rays, and it’s formulated with nanoparticles to provide strength, ability to polish, and wear resistance.

“Flowable is one area in dentistry that is seeing a shift,” he says. “In the past, they were not nearly as strong, durable, and beneficial as they are now. Adding a flowable in every procedure is the way to go.”

A Premium Composite
Because it contains a unique combination of photo initiators shown to provide total shade predictability and a long-lasting smooth surface with high shine, Natural Elegance® Premium Composite is ideal for both Dr Albrecht and his patients. This universal composite is appropriate for both posterior and anterior fillings.

The material features better mechanical properties because of improved polymerization, spheroidal zirconium silicate filler that gives more brightness and wear resistance, and the ability to polish with a high-shine longevity result.

“I would say all composites are pretty good now, but what’s special with Natural Elegance® is this composite can be used in the anterior and the posterior,” he says. “I’ve used [Natural Elegance® Premium Composite] all over, and it’s just as esthetic in the anterior as it is durable in the posterior.”

Additionally, the shade matching is “dead on,” the material is durable when cured, and it can easily be sculpted. It’s a strong, durable composite, and it’s very polishable, he says.

Another big plus is this composite costs less than many other brands available. “You’re getting a strong, durable, lasting composite,” he says. “It’s a high-end composite for an economical price because it’s Henry Schein.”

The Mighty Bulk
Dr Albrecht is very impressed with the line’s bulk fills. Henry Schein Natural Elegance® offers high-quality flowable and packable bulk fill composites formulated to provide optimal esthetics and value.

“The handling of these materials is really good. It doesn’t stick to the instruments,” he says. “You can carve it and shape it with very minimal stickiness. I think the bulk fill was probably the best part of the Natural Elegance® aspect.”

The Maxima® Natural Elegance® Packable Bulk Fill is formulated with a new multihybrid filler plus innovative photo initiator technology and is available in syringes and capsules. The company’s flowable bulk fill is available in syringes and recommended for use with Natural Elegance® bonding agents.

As Dr Albrecht has learned in his practice, both he and his patients are in good shape when he reaches for each and every one of the products in the Natural Elegance® line of composites.

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