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Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report March 2022, Volume 56, Issue 3

This innovative aligner solution is driven by artificial intelligence, and delivers predictable, uncompromised clinical outcomes.

Information provided by 3D Predict.


3D Predict® AI-Driven Aligners.


3D Predict




For practices that provide orthodontic treatment and are looking to improve patient care, 3D Predict can boost treatment effectiveness and reduce the number of refinements through its artificial intelligence technology.


3D Predict® Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep CBCT® Analysis ensure predictable, effective results for your patients. The AI simplifies complex movements and achieves desired treatment results. Treat cases of every complexity with 3D Predict, even patients you would typically require additional appliances or braces for.


Cutting-edge technologies allow 3D Predict to treat patients more predictably, more quickly and more safely with uncompromised clinical outcomes. Unique AI software automatically creates real roots and bone from CBCT scans and incorporates them into high quality treatment plans that are predictable and allow you to achieve up to 3 mm distalization and 2-4 mm arch expansion with less refinements.

The How*

A 3D Predict consultant will provide you with information on cases of every complexity and show you plans for a variety of patients. You will learn about 3D Predict’s tooth movement capabilities, analysis interpretation, treatment ordering, and the delivery process. The information can also be shared with you via email or your preferred method of contact. You will be assigned a technician and customer service representative who will address your questions and be responsible for modeling your plans. All 3D Predict treatment plans are reviewed by orthodontists.