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The DPR Innovator Profiles 2014: Pushing our industry forward

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2014-07-01
Issue 7

Innovation drives our profession. Fortunately, dentistry has some amazing “renaissance” type of thinkers who are constantly problem solving from outside the box, inside the box, and under the box.

Dentistry presents its practitioners with some unique situations and unique problems that go along with those situations. We are fortunate that we have companies that not only help solve those problems, but also approach these problems in ways that allow them to be solved while giving our patients or our practices maximum benefit in the process.


This is something, the importance of which, cannot be emphasized enough. I am continually impressed with solutions that incorporate the core principles that ensure quality dentistry, but also bring enough of the current cutting-edge science of materials to provide state-of-the-art care to our patients. 

The following 17 companies offer these types of solutions. Click through each of them to see just a sample of what kind of innovations they're presenting our industry, and follow the links to read in even more detail.

Click here to start discovering what solutions these innovators are offering.

Top photo throughout: Colin Anderson/Getty Images

Innovator: KaVo

From the KaVo Innovator Profile: "The newest addition to KaVo’s high-speed collection, the MASTERtorque M8900 L now has 20 percent more power (compared to 6500BR) at 23 Watts, the same industry leading noise level of 57 dB, and NEW Direct Stop Technology (DST). Direct Stop Technology stops the bur in less than one second (on average) when the doctor steps off the foot control. This increases working efficiency and reduces the potential for soft tissue damage."

Innovator: Instrumentarium

Päivi Linteri, Product Manager, Instrumentarium, on the OP300 Maxio: "With OP300 Maxio, we were not only able to provide all the renowned ORTHO-PANTOMOGRAPH product features, such as stable patient positioning, but also introduce new ones like Automatic Dose Control for panoramic modality or the additional 3D fields-of-view."

Innovator: Pelton & Crane

Emily Brooks, Senior Marketing Manager, Pelton & Crane: "Furniture and cabinetry are a direct expression of the practice’s personality. It’s important to consider the image you want to reflect when making these choices. Choosing cabinetry that is functional and beautiful ensures clinicians are reaping the benefits of ergonomic storage, and projecting an image of professional excellence to patients."

Click here to learn more about Pelton & Crane's cabinetry and chair options, along with apps and seminars to improve you practice design.

Innovator: DEXIS

Adam Palermo, product manager for DEXIS, on the CariVu: "It’s a whole new world in caries detection--it has been reinvented. Not only have we moved beyond fluorescence with a better technology, we’ve made the unit easy to use and fully integrated with one of the world’s best imaging software programs, DEXIS."

Click here to read about the CariVu along with all the other exciting products and innovations brought to you from DEXIS.

Innovator: Nomad

Mike Heyn, Business Unit Director of Airbex on the NOMAD: "The NOMAD brought about the first true change in the way dental professionals take X-rays. How many homes do you walk into and see a corded phone on the wall anymore? The same holds true in the dental practice. Why hang a wall-mounted X-ray? Times have changed."

Click here to read all about the NOMAD intraoral X-ray, which can be carried easily from one operatory to another.

Innovator: i-CAT

Dr. Justin Moody, owner of an i-CAT FLX: "With i-CAT FLX, I have access to detailed and precise information for more precise treatment planning and implementation. The insights that I gain into the patient’s specific dentition allow me to achieve accuracy and also to avoid potential surgical and restorative complications."

Innovator: Kerr Dental

Dr. Michael DiTolla, DDS, FAGD, Director of Clinical Education and Research, Glidwell Laboratories, on the SonicFill from Kerr: "When I started practicing back in the Dark Ages, dentistry was fun. Now I see how far we have come and how everything is so much faster and more efficient today. For example, look at a lot of direct composites that are being done today. We used to have to put on six to seven layers and cure incrementally. With SonicFill, I can do bulk fill in a single step."

Innovator: Chicago Dental Society

Dr. Susan Becker Doroshow, 2015 President of CDS, on the 150th Midwinter Meeting: "The benefits of attending a live program-interacting with speakers, networking with other professionals, handling new products on the exhibit floor, to name just a few-make this continuing education format one that will never be supplanted by online learning. The Chicago Dental Society’s longevity and reputation as the leader in scientific dental meetings has given us a competitive edge."

Click here read all about CDS' plans for 2015's Midwinter Meeting, and what they're doing to celebrate the 150th meeting.

Innovator: Henry Schein

Rhett Burnham, Director of Product Management, Practice Management Solutions at Henry Schein: "We get feedback from beta testers and focus groups prior to launching any new product or update. We have an online “suggestion box”, so customers can request product enhancements or submit ideas for doing things better. This allows us to create innovative solutions, like Dentrix Ascend and Viive, which give dentists more choices."

Innovator: MacPractice

Mark Hollis, CEO of MacPractice: "MacPractice is the leading Apple software development company for doctors. Patrick Clyne, MacPractice’s President, directed the development of the first dental software with a graphical user interface, integrated tooth charting, QuickTime audio, intraoral video capture and integrated digital X-rays." 

Click here to find out how MacPractice is utilizing the power of Apple products to revolutionize your clinic.

Innovator: ZEST Anchors

Dr. Michael Scherer, DMD, MS, FACP, Diplomate, American Board of Prosthodontics: "When the ZEST LODI System was introduced, I decided to implement it into my practice because, as a prosthodontist, I needed a narrow diameter dental implant that had little compromise for my patients with narrow ridges. I needed an implant that utilized the most effective, popular, and researched attachment system on the market that I know I can stand behind for years to come."

Click here to see how the ZEST LODI system can improve the esthetics and efficiciency of your implant work.

Innovator: BISCO

Dr. Paul L. Child Jr., DMD, CDT, Execusive Vice President, BISCO: "TheraCal LC is our best-selling product for a reason--it’s another unique BISCO product and it works! We’ve received a lot of feedback from clinicians who are implementing this amazing product into their restorative dentistry daily.

Reports of decreased sensitivity in deep preparations to reduced number of endodontic procedures are being conveyed as more clinicians discover this product."

Click here to see how TheraCal LC and other innovative solutions from BISCO can benefit your dental practice.

Innovator: NSK

From the NSK Innovator Profile: "This handpiece maintenance system can be implemented with the simple touch of buttons. It offers preset oil volume for each type, consistent cleaning and lubrication, chuck-cleaning function, low oil cost, and a compact body."

Click here to read about NSK's innovative handpiece-centered product offerings, and how these products are pushing the industry forward.

Innovator: DENTSPLY Caulk

Richard Burde, Senior Brand Manager for indirect restoratives at DENTSPLY Caulk, on the Aquasill Ultra Cordless system: "Dental laboratories confirmed that all of the marginal detail was present and found the impressions acceptable. Crowns that were made from the impressions were clinically successful and fit well.

The result is possible because the pneumatic digit power™ Dispenser places the Aquasil Ultra Cordless Tissue Managing Impression Material directly into the sulcus through the ultra-thin intrasulcular tip capturing the finest marginal details."

Click here to discover how all the innovative product solutions from DENTSPLY Caulk can help your practice make a leap in efficiency and quality.

Innovator: Zolar

Dr. Robert Convissar, DDS, FAGD, on Zolar lasers: "I love the fact that it offers both disposable tips and a long fiber-optic cable. I much prefer the long fiber-optic cable, which reduces overhead drastically. A 3-year warranty is a fantastic deal, and I also love the fact that both the duty cycle and the Hz can be adjusted. The more variability built into a laser, the better able the doctor is to treat patients’ different tissue types."

Click here to explore the ways Zolar's cutting-edge laser technology can help your practice.

Innovator: BIOLASE

Dr. Howard Golan, BIOLASE owner: "The WaterLase cuts and heals with water. Period. Water is the most important substance in the human condition. We use water to limit the negatives associated with dentistry. The WaterLase changes dentist and patient perceptions of what going to the dentist and taking care of their oral health means"

Innovator: Sunstar

From the Sunstar Americas Innovator Profile: "Developed in collaboration with dental professionals, the GUM Micro Tip toothbrush is equipped with bristles featuring the latest in manufacturing technologies, such as 'micro-feathering splits at each bristle’s end and a Dome Trim design."

Click here to learn more about the GUM brands offered from Sunstar Americas, and how the toothbrush technology benefits clinicians and patients alike.

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