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Dental Products Report 2023 Spring Selection – Round 2


After a first round filled with upsets, close matches, and ties, the 2023 DPR Spring Selection rolls into Round 2. 32 products remain and these are the 16 second round matchups.

Round 1 is in the books with the requisite mix of upsets and expected victors, and quite surprisingly, a whole bunch of ties. We honestly had not been expecting ties, but in keeping with the somewhat random spirit of the event, the decision was made to resolve all ties with a flip of a coin.

With those unforeseen ties out of the way, the tournament moves forward. As things head into round 2, one Number 1 seed and a pair of Number 2 seeds have already met defeat. In terms of categories, the big winners were software applications, loupes, toothbrushes, and mills.

To simplify things going forward all of the Round 2 matchups are in this one post. Check out who is going head to head and cast your votes to see who moves on as we winnow this list of dental products down to 16.

Upper Left Quadrant

Seed 16 Vs. Seed 8

DentiMax Open Sensor

Dentimax’s Open Sensor is designed to work with major imaging software applications. The Open Sensor is said to offer high-quality x-rays while still maintaining a low cost that makes it accessible to every dental professional. Through it, dental professionals can add this to the office to enhance its digital imaging capabilities while boosting workflows.

Medit i700 Wireless

The Medit i700 Wireless offers a smooth and quick scanning experience backed by 60-Ghz wireless technology. All-day scanning is supported by a single battery with 1 hour of continuous scanning and up to 8 hours in standby. The camera captures up to 70 frames per second and features a reversible tip and wider scanning area, for easy, comfortable scanning at any angle.

Starting things off with the biggest upset of the round DentiMax's Open Sensor comes up against Medit's i700 Wireless intraoral scanner. This time we have two open digital technologies one for capturing intraoral x-rays and the other for digital impressions. In other circumstances they'd make a great pair, but in the Spring Selection only one can move forward.

Which will it be, intraoral imaging or digital impressions?

Open Sensor
i700 Wireless

Seed 5 Vs. Seed 4

VOCO GrandiO Blocs

The integration of VOCO materials to the Planmeca system is designed to help service a growing segment of CAD/CAM users. Grandio blocs are said to be high quality with many other milling systems and have excelled thanks to their toothlike properties, esthetics, and time-saving attributes. The nano-ceramic hybrid block eliminates the need for firing, saving time and money while simplifying optional characterization and intraoral repair.

Sprintray OnX Tough

OnX Tough is indicated for 3D printing dental prosthetics and utilizes SprintRay’s NanoFusion™ technology designed to help the resin deliver esthetic and durable dental prosthetics through its formulation of dense polymer chains. This durable resin is designed for same-day, chairside dentistry working with SprintRay’s digital workflows for maximum efficiency.

Next up is a match up pitting two products that held seed against each other. Both are materials for digital dentistry, and both aim to help clinicians produce restorations that better mimic the physical properties of natural teeth. The big difference, is one is milled and the other is printed.

Is it the millable bloc, or the printable resin?

GrandiO Blocs
OnX Tough

Seed 11 Vs. Seed 14


Columbia Dentoform by DENTALEZ®’s new surgical manikin, Surgio, is designed to offer dental students the kind of realism that bolsters their accuracy, particularly with simulated bone densities. Surgio’s oral cavity has lifelike soft tissue and accurate bone density, allowing dental students and continuing education learners to get hands-on experience with placing, tightening, and loosening implants as well as restorative work.

denti.ai Auto-Chart

Denti.AI Auto-Chart is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered software that assists dental professionals in interpreting intraoral and extraoral 2D x-ray images by detecting and numbering teeth and missing teeth. It also aids in the detection of dental structures added through past restorative treatment, such as implants, crowns, pontics, endodontic treatments, and fillings, as well as their attributes and affected surfaces.

The first matchup between a pair of double-digit seeds, finds the surgical training mannequin that can, and the software that organizes charts for you face off. One of these products will see its run end here, while the other will move forward representing the high seeds from throughout the Spring Selection.

Who moves on, Surgio or Denti.ai?


Seed 7 Vs. Seed 2

Orascoptic Dragonfly

Dragonfly is a powered loupe with a wireless headlight fully integrated into the eyewear frame. It is designed to seamlessly combine Orascoptic’s industry-leading optics and award-winning headlight into a single, lightweight product. All electronics and batteries are completely contained within the custom-built frame itself, so there are no visible wires or cables. Clinicians can customize their Dragonfly with multiple magnification powers, different carrier lens shapes, and a variety of colors.

Carbon M3

Carbon is further evolving its idea-to-production platform with the all new M-Series 3D printers. This next-generation of printers comes in 2 models, the M3 and the M3 Max, that are designed to provide up to 2.5X throughput improvements for dental models compared to previous generations. The M3 printers are purpose-built with key features for dental labs such as faster printing, simplified experiences, more consistent parts, fast and easy installation, and a larger build area.

Another matchup where two favorites advanced. In this case it's an innovative loupe and headlight integration going up against a cutting-edge 3D printer optimized for producing models and much more.

Who moves to round 3, the frames or the printer?


Lower Left Quadrant

Seed 1 Vs. Seed 8

3M Filtek Matrix

The 3M Filtek Matrix is an anterior restorative solution that makes composite placement less stressful and more predictable for dentists and more affordable for their patients. With today’s dental patients looking for less invasive options to improve their smile at a price they can afford, this new custom matrix system is said to make composite placement less stressful and more predictable, eliminating the stress of free-hand shaping. This efficiency can help reduce chair time, enabling faster and more simplified procedures.

X-Guide Endodontics

X-Nav Technologies has received 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration to expand the use of its X-Guide® Dynamic 3D Navigation system to aid dentists in delivering minimally invasive endodontic procedures. Using the X-Guide system’s patented X-Point™ technology, the dentist has a live view of the patient’s 3D anatomy and a digital handpiece to guide drill movements during surgery. This allows the dentist to precisely navigate the drill to an exact location for more efficient endodontic procedures.

Precision is critical when it comes to dental treatments, and this is a match up of two systems designed to make the once-difficult procedure more straightforward. On one side of the matchup is 3M's innovative compsite veneer solution, and on the other it's X-Nav's guided endodontic workflow.

Which will it be the matrix or the guide?

3M Filtek Matrix
X-Guide Endodontics

Seed 5 Vs. Seed 4

Designs for Vision Infinity VUE Loupes

The Infinity VUE Loupes are designed to provide a straightforward approach to ergonomics and are available in 3.0×, 3.5× and 4.5x magnification. Infinity VUE (Vision up Ergonomics) is said to keep practitioners’ chins up, necks straight, and eyes forward while viewing the oral cavity. By changing the positioning of the internal prisms, these loupes allow you to see intraorally without having to bend your neck. Mounted on a Steam frame and with the side shields attached, the VUE Loupes weigh 3.2 oz.

Parkell TurboSensor+

Built around a new IntelliSense™ processor, the TurboSensor+ Ultrasonic Scaler ensures top-level, consistent performance with all market-leading 30K inserts. It features a detachable, autoclavable 30K handpiece for enhanced reprocessing, cleanliness, and disinfection. The TurboSensor+ also includes a new tap-on purge mode for waterline cleansing, a new priming mode for preparing the handpiece to begin scaling with the first compression of the foot pedal, a streamlined setup with easy-to-assemble and easy-to-position components, and a superior water flow system for improved aerosol management.

Here's another matchup playing out to seed as we have one of many loupes to advance taking on the only ultrasonic unit in the entire bracket. Loupes are proving to be popular items, but can they hold their own against a trusty ultrasonic.

Who wins, the small handpiece or the AI assistant?

Infinity VUE

Seed 6 Vs. Seed 14


CROWNTEC is a new-generation composite resin that can be used to additively manufacture biocompatible permanent restorations including crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers, and artificial teeth for dentures. This Class IIa is available to 3D Systems’ NextDent digital dentistry solution customers in 5 shades including CROWNTEC, SW (bleach color), B1, A1, A2, and A3. CROWNTEC combines 3D Systems’ NextDent digital dentistry solution and Saremco Dental AG’s materials, enabling dental laboratories and practices to address a variety of indications with accuracy, repeatability, productivity, and lower total cost.

OraFit aligners from OraPharma

OraPharma’s OraFit custom clear aligner system is indicated for malocclusion and misalignment correction using materials in a 3-layer design for better esthetics and more comfort. The plastic material used to create the OraFit custom aligners is said to be more crack resistant and to maintain clarity for longer. Included in the system is an online resource for dental professionals to submit clear aligners cases and approve treatment plans. OraFit will benefit patients who may be reluctant to use clear aligners for the sake of esthetics.

Here is another 3D print resin finding its way into round 2. This time 3D Systems' permanent crown solution will face off with OraPharma's entry into the world of clear aligners.

Who moves on the crowns or the aligners?


Seed 7 Vs. Seed 15

Carestream Dental Sensei Cloud

Sensei Cloud has introduced new features that are designed to help dentists elevate their practices and provide better, more efficient patient care. The new Soft Tissue Chart allows doctors to keep detailed records of findings with notes on an anatomical chart. As oral cancer screening becomes increasingly important and the related documentation becomes standard of care, keeping track of these findings in a patient’s clinical record can help increase early detection. Sensei Cloud’s Lightbar feature aids in patient flow and time management. The Seated Queue flyout bar shows when the patient was seated, the time of the scheduled appointment, provider names, and the appointment type.

K2 Mobile

Polaroid HealthCare has announced that they will distribute the HuLaser K2 Mobile Cordless Diode Laser. It is lightweight at 135 g, including the battery, and cordless. This diode laser has 22 preset programs and 4 memory settings for clinician convenience. It is designed to be efficient, durable, and powerful with 3.5 watts of continuous power and up to 6 watts pulse. It features autoclavable optic fibers, aluminum front cap, and silicone front covers, which are cost effective and hygienic. The K2 laser is available through any Polaroid HealthCare full service dealer.

Here we have another software title that held seed in the first round and one of the biggest upsets of the first round, the unheralded K2 laser that unseated the 3Shape TRIOS in round 1. So who moves on, Carestream Dental's Sensei Cloud practice software, or the K2 Mobile diode laser?

Who goes to round 3, the Sensei or the laser?

Sensei Cloud
K2 Mobile

Upper Right Quadrant

Seed 1 Vs. Seed 9

Ceramill Motion 3

Ceramill Motion 3 is an intelligent hybrid machine designed to make fabricating dentures even more convenient and digital. At the same time, users benefit by being able to use a variety of materials and indications. The Ceramill Motion 3 is designed for wet and dry operation. Because the 5-axis milling machine operates autonomously, it can manufacture unsupervised during the night or also on weekends when connected to the AG.Live platform. Users have the option to access the machine remotely, can receive orders safely and quickly, and can monitor everything related to production and customer service.

Overjet Caries Assist

Overjet has received 510(k) clearance for its Caries Assist, Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered dental caries detection and outlining software for chairside aid and patient communication. Overjet Caries Assist is designed to allow clinicians to detect caries accurately and reduces the rate of missed lesions (false negatives). To demonstrate the validity of the software, Overjet analyzed more than 7000 tooth surfaces. With this technology, Overjet will support clinicians to be more effective and efficient by presenting them with accurate findings, identifying anatomical structures and common pathologies, and providing instant visualizations while improving patient-dentist communication.

Here's a classic matchup between a proven yet still high-tech solution and a more recent innovation that's still on the cutting-edge. The Ceramill Motion 3 is a versatile and precise milling solution, while Overjet's Caries Assist is among the current wave of AI imaging assistants to hit dentistry.

Who will finish ahead the milling system or the AI solution?

Ceramill Motion 3
Overjet Caries Assist

Seed 12 Vs. Seed 4


This new mill features an automatic 6-disc changer with 50% faster exchange and a 15-station automatic tool changer called Intelligent Tool Control. The DWX-53DC features a new 4-mm tool, allowing 30% faster roughing of PMMA than 3-mm tools. The mill contains a camera that works with VPanel and DGSHAPE Cloud software, combining these features to create a sleek, sturdy, streamlined product, according to the manufacturer. The DWX-53DC is designed with lab space in mind, making it suitable for smaller spaces. It also features automatic machine calibration, automatic air pressure control, and a replaceable spindle.

Owandy Quickvision

QuickVision 3D Implant Planning software features artificial intelligence (AI) functions and an expanded dental implant library. With this new AI functionality, QuickVision 3D is able to auto-match. dicom and .STL files to easily create customized surgical guides. In addition, Owandy has been expanding the number of implant manufacturer libraries within the QuickVision 3D software, which now includes brandings such as Bicon, Dentsply Sirona, Nobel Biocare, and others.

The classic trap game is the 12 seed upsetting the 5 seed, and that's how Roland's latest workhorse of a mill found its way into Round 2. Here it must face off with an AI-powered imaging application from Owandy.

Who moves on the mill or the software?


Seed 6 Vs. Seed 14

The Glider

Designed as an integrated instrument solution for efficient implant and surgical procedures, The Glider™ surgical dental treatment station is easily positioned over standard and surgical style patient chairs and provides sufficient workspace to lay out sterile instruments while integrating motors, handpieces, and suction instruments for ease of access by the dental team. The Glider is mounted on stable, heavy-duty casters with a programmable electric height adjustment. This allows for a full range of operator capability for either sit-down or stand-up treatment with mobile positioning for desired placement.


izzo is an innovative new direct-to-consumer initiative designed to elevate at-home oral care. Described as the first and only 4-in-1 oral care system that goes significantly beyond the typical toothbrush, the kit delivers healthy confidence. In addition to a state-of-the-art oscillating toothbrush with 3 speeds, the kit includes a unique polishing system designed to safely and effectively remove stains for brighter, whiter smiles and a cleaner, healthier mouth—which studies show can boost confidence to look and feel one’s best. The kit also includes a scaler to remove debris and soft plaque from hard-to-reach areas on and between teeth, as well as a UVC sanitizer case designed to kill germs that can linger on a brush head between uses.

Here we see two products that might not fit together in terms of when and how they're used, but doesn't izzo and The Glider sound like a long-lost Yacht Rock duo. It's a shame they need to face off, but only one can move forward. Make your choice.

Will it be izzo or The Glider?

The Glider

Seed 7 Vs. Seed 2

Dentbird Crown

DentBird Crown is an automatic crown design module that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to automatically generates a crown prosthesis design in seconds based on a patient’s 3D scan data. The technology automatically finds the tooth that requires crown design by examining the dental 3D scan data. At the same time, it identifies the margin line between the tooth and gum and suggests an optimized margin line for the prosthesis. Then, it creates an optimal crown design in a matter of seconds after taking into consideration the surrounding and antagonist teeth.


The fastscan.io™ Intraoral Scanner combines the same technology behind the Medit i700 scanner and the glidewell.io™ In-Office Solution, and Glidewell’s dental lab. These 3 aspects merge to create an intraoral scanner that is said to offer dental practices an advanced scanning solution at an affordable price point. The fastscan.io is designed to be lightweight, with reversible tips, a detachable cable, and a UV-C LED disinfecting light. Users will also receive access to Medit applications, Ortho Simulation, Model Builder, and Crown Fit. Clinicians who use the fastscan.io will be able to submit cases to either Glidewell’s lab or a lab or their choice.

The final matchup in the Upper Right Quadrant is a battle of technologies that advanced after beating other technologies in Round 1. DentBird Crown knocked off some 3D printers while Glidewell's fastscan.io took out an analytics software. Only one of these CAD/CAM solutions can advance again, which will it be?

Only can move forward. Scan or Design?

DentBird Crown

Lower Right Quadrant

Seed 1 Vs. Seed 9

Dentsply Sirona PrimePrint

Primeprint for dental practices and laboratories is the first of a new generation of Dentsply Sirona devices designed to transform digital dentistry. With a simplified, automated printing process, this new 3D printing solution makes it easy to manufacture patient-specific and biocompatible appliances. The printer uses digital light processing technology by which resins are polymerized using UV light. The light projector hardens the resin layer by layer. Primeprint as a 3D printing solution also automates the postprocessing of printed objects, which previously would have required complex, messy, and time-consuming manual work.

Kuraray Panavia Veneer LC Cement

Kuraray Noritake Dental’s PANAVIA™ Veneer LC is a new light-cure resin cement indicated for permanent cementation of esthetic veneers and inlays/onlays less than 2 mm thick. PANAVIA is said to offer color stability, wear resistance, and relatively easy cleanup. PANAVIA’s application tip is designed with nanocluster filler technology, consisting of spherical silica fillers to offer the amount of control necessary when seating veneers. It is available in 4 polishable shades.

Dentsply Sirona is always a big presence in the dental industry, so the company's Primeprint moving on to Round 2 isn't a surprise, but the question now is can the printer end the run of another restorative material as it now faces Kuraray's latest PANAVIA cement, which is the only restorative material to make it out of the opening round.

What moves on the printer or the cement?

PANAVIA Veneer LC Cement

Seed 12 Vs. Seed 13

Dental Creations Perfect Touch Micro Applicator Brushes

Available in a variety of sizes and colors, Perfect Touch Micro Applicator Brushes are used for placing etchants, sealants, and bonding agents. These brushes are bendable in any direction to allow precise application in hard-to-reach areas. The fibers hold solutions, so there is no spilling, dripping, or waste. Disposable and intended for single use, the brushes have a lint-free brush tip, are nonabsorbent, and give optimal access to difficult areas. Perfect Touch Micro Applicator Brushes come in tubes containing 100 brushes and are offered in purple (fine), yellow (regular), green (regular), and blue (large).

Ivoclar VivaStyle

With the introduction of the VivaStyle Whitening Program, dentists can start to grow their whitening sales both inside and outside their practices with a better, more convenient way for patients to receive professional whitening solutions. Feel confident you can now provide clinically proven whitening solutions from a trusted manufacturer and generate additional income from each purchase made by patients.

Here is another matchup of underdog products that pushed through the first round to create another matchup of double digit seeds. Here we find the upstart applicator brushes from Dental Creations facing off against Ivoclar's whitening solution.

Will it be another match for the applicator brushes or the whitener?

Perfect Touch Micro Applicator Brushes

Seed 6 Vs. Seed 3

Oral-B iO Series 10

The new Oral-B iO Series 10 is a rechargeable electric toothbrush featuring iO Sense technology. The iO 10 offers live coaching directly on its charger for guid-ance on time, pressure, and coverage without needing to bring a smartphone into the bathroom. Its clock and timer help users brush for the recommended 2 minutes. All user data syncs to the Oral-B app for deeper insights into brushing habits. The iO 10 also features 7 different cleaning modes for a more personalized experience. The series also includes the iO Series 4 and iO Series 5 toothbrushes. Each brush features multiple brushing modes to personalize the brushing experience. The iO 5 can also provide users with real-time coverage tracking and coaching via the Oral-B app.

Admetec ergo loupes

The new Ergo series loupes are said to be the only ergonomic loupes available on the market providing up to 10-times magnification in an ultralight construction. Ergo loupes are designed to help wearers maintain a neutral head position as they tend to patients, helping to prevent and reduce neck, back, and other pain. The Ergo series offers a combination of magnification potential and user comfort. Customized to each wearer through a multifactor process, the loupes’ precision vision and light weight are said to help health care providers work more comfortably and effectively for extended periods of time.

This matchup pits two hot categories against each other and also features the only 3 seed to reach Round 2. Admetec's ergo. loupes earned that distinction, and it's also the 3rd set of loupes to advance, the only category where every product moved on to Round 2. Here the loupes face Oral-B's latest smart brush. Which wins out, comfortable home care or comfortable clinical magnification.

Will it be the smart brush or the ergonomic loupes?

iO Series 10

Seed 7 Vs. Seed 15

Aseptico Penguin II

The Penguin II from Aseptico lets clinicians reliably monitor the osseointegration of dental implants. It is a resonance frequency analysis (RFA) instrument for monitoring the osseointegration of dental implants using the clinically proven Implant Stability Quotient Scale. Penguin II provides accurate, reliable measurement of dental implant stability via RFA measurement methodology and is an excellent choice for any dentist placing or restoring dental implants. The device features an updated design with flatter sides to bring increased comfort, a surer grip, and better leverage when in the hand. An all-new LED display screen is integrated into the design, increasing readability. Its battery is rechargeable and replaceable and comes with a free-standing vertical charging stand, allowing for easy placement and wireless charging of the device.

W&H Proxeo Twist

The Proxeo Twist and Proxeo Twist Cordless systems offer greater freedom of movement during prophylaxis or periodontitis treatment. Both units have unique Prophy Angle cups designed for an optimum polishing experience. The new Proxeo Twist Rotary Polishing System is a compact, easy-to-handle solution for cleaning, polishing, or fluoridating. The line of air-driven handpieces offers a lightweight solution for dental units. With its easy swiveling between motor and attachment, it adapts to the position needed in the oral cavity. The unit can be disinfected and sterilized.

The final matchup of Round 2 finds a pair of handheld devices used for very different clinical tasks. So who moves on to Round 3, will it be the clever implant stability tester named after a flightless bird, or the hygiene handpiece that shares its name with a one-time dance craze?

Will the Penguin or the Twist survive to Round 3?

Penguin II
Proxeo Twist
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