5Ws* DWX-53DC

Dental Lab Products, Dental Lab Products October 2022, Volume 44, Issue 5

This new dry dental mill from Roland DGA will offer power and precision while being suitable for any size dental lab.

Information provided by Roland DGA


DWX-53DC Dry Dental Mill



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Suitable for any size dental lab.


The DWX-53DC is designed with lab space in mind, making it suitable for smaller areas. The dental milling machine is equipped with a fully integrated webcam for 24-hour remote monitoring and milling capabilities.


This new mill features an automatic 6-disc changer that touts a 50% faster exchange and a 15-station automatic tool changer. The DWX-53DC features a new 4-mm tool, allowing for 30% faster roughing of PMMA than 3-mm tools.

The How

The mill contains a camera that works with VPanel and DGSHAPE Cloud software, combining these features into a sleek, sturdy, streamlined product. It uses a ball-screw system with 5-axis positioning, created to optimize machine performance. It also features automatic machine calibration, automatic air pressure control, and a replaceable spindle.