Ceramir® Crown and Bridge changing the cement category with its bioceramic qualities

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"Ceramir is ideal to work with-no need for bonding, etching, primers, silane or special cleaners."

"Ceramir is ideal to work with-no need for bonding, etching, primers, silane or special cleaners."

- Kelley Reinfelds, Director of North America Sales for Doxa Dental Inc.

Q: What is the most frequent question you hear about the cement category?

A: We often hear from doctors who are confronted with the growing number of choices in the cement world. They want to know if there’s really something “new” in this category.

Q: How does your product seek to answer that question?

A: For decades, a doctor’s main choice of cements has been GI, resin or some combination of the two. Many companies have significantly improved the offerings in the GI, resin, and RMGI categories, but no one company has really changed the game and offered a completely new technology platform for permanent cements.

Doxa has done that in introducing Ceramir to the market-the first bioceramic cement. It uses biological concepts and operates with the same principles as natural remineralization.

Because Ceramir works so differently than what was previously available, we seek to educate doctors as much as possible when discussing cements. It’s not something that can be communicated in an ad. So, we work with study clubs, state-level and national meetings and help broaden the discussions on cements so it’s not just about the older technologies. This focus on education has allowed us to reach many doctors on a much deeper level.

Q: What about this product helps dentists in their practice?

A: Ceramir is ideal to work with-no need for bonding, etching, primers, silane or special cleaners. It allows for easy seating, effortless clean-up, and the patient loves the lack of taste, smell or any sort of “zing” associated with other cements. In the long term, its excellent retention ensures years of proper function, while the patient also enjoys a complete lack of post-op sensitivity. By saving time and keeping the patient happy, the entire practice should benefit.

Q: How is your product leading innovation in this category?

A: Ceramir® Crown and Bridge is not just a better, stronger version of an existing cement. It really changed the whole category by bringing a new chemistry platform for cements to the market. Ceramir’s unique calcium aluminate chemistry give it benefits that no other cement can claim-apatite formation and a permanent high pH are very clinically significant and unique in this category. Its nano-structural integration also makes it the ideal cement for zirconia, without the need for primers or special cleaners.

Those aspects, combined with ease of use and patient preference because of no pain at placement or post-op sensitivity, make Ceramir truly innovative and unique.

Ceramir Crown and Bridge

Ceramir Crown and Bridge is a bioceramic dental cement for permanent cementation of conventional prosthetics, including all-ceramic constructions with frames of aluminum oxide or zirconium dioxide (alumina and zirconia).

This cement is easy to use, has excellent retention and provides a permanent and stable seal of the interface with a high pH for permanent acid resistance.

Doxa Dental Inc.

855-DOXA-USA • CeramirUS.com

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