Celebrating a Toothlike Composite With 10 Years of Performance

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report October 2023
Volume 57
Issue 9

VOCO’s GrandioSO line of composites works to ensure a toothlike restoration using a tried-and-true formula that guarantees strength, longevity, and esthetically pleasing results.

Celebrating a Toothlike Composite With 10 Years of Performance. Image credit: © VOCO America Inc

Celebrating a Toothlike Composite With 10 Years of Performance. Image credit: © VOCO America Inc

When doing restorative work, it is vital that the composite the dentist is using performs well, handles well, and matches the surrounding dentition for esthetically pleasing results. Meeting all these needs may seem like a difficult task, but 1 composite stands out above the rest, having tackled this challenge with ease for more than a decade.

GrandioSO is a universal, light-cured, 89%-filled nano-hybrid composite. Indicated for both posterior and anterior fillings, this composite from VOCO touts a variety of features that clinicians including Lauren Rainey, DDS, find particularly appealing for her restorations. Dr Rainey currently practices in the Seattle, Washington, area, but her experience with GrandioSO began in 2016 after she purchased a dental practice in Berkeley, California which already had the high-performing composite in its armamentarium.

“Shortly after I bought the practice, I had a very established assistant who had worked for about 20 years of her career and was trained by a well-known prosthodontist in downtown San Francisco. When she joined the team, she told me that GrandioSO is a product I definitely needed to keep using as she had seen a lot of impressive results with patients,” Dr Rainey says. “I was seeing the results in the patient population that I was treating, too, when they would come back for recall. I could see not only clinically but radiographically that these restorations were really solid, and that they continued to perform well between 2016 and 2023 under my care.”

Part of what makes GrandioSO such a long-lasting, go-to product is its formulation. Its 89% fillers by weight provide great wear resistance as well as good color stability. This also means a low resin rate that equates to 30% to 50% less resin than classic hybrid and pseudo-nano composites, leading to better results over time.

Also, key to GrandioSO’s decade of success has also been its flexural strength that allows the composite to adapt to regular dental stress as well as its thermocycling coefficient, which ensures that the composite’s reaction to temperature changes is similar to that of the natural tooth structure. These features are key for longevity, maintaining the strength necessary to endure regular stress.


GrandioSO is designed to mimic the physical properties of natural tooth structure, such as surface hardness, flexural and compressive strength, as well as esthetic, thermal, and elastic behaviors. This allows the material to react as a restoration in the same manner as the surrounding tooth structure, especially at the margin, reducing the risk of micro-leakage and failure, and resulting in better long-term performance. GrandioSO is said to offer user-friendliness with nonstick handling and easy polishability. GrandioSO delivers a high filler content of 89% by weight, resulting in a low resin percentage, which helps reduce the negative aspects associated with composite restoratives, including polymerization shrinkage, staining, and wear. These features combine to make GrandioSO the most toothlike composite on the market, according to VOCO.

VOCO America Inc


GrandioSO’s 17 shades tout opacity and translucency that enable it to blend in and match the surrounding dentition, making it an esthetic choice for any class restoration, according to Dr Rainey, who serves a wide variety of patient populations. Having a composite that is best able to mimic the natural shade and structure of the tooth is key.

“One of the great things about GrandioSO is that it does come in a wide variety of shades, including one suitable for that class V area or for some of the older teeth that have had many restorations and a lot of older amalgam staining in them.” Dr Rainey says. “Also, the polish retention is impressive and consistent, and that’s something that I saw firsthand with those first patients I started treating in California and then continued to see it at recall appointments years later. That’s something that I can pick up on and also the hygiene team notices it too.”

In addition to its polish retention, Dr Rainey says other features make GrandioSO her go-to as well, including its ease of use and handling. These qualities combine to make GrandioSO a high-performing, toothlike composite that Dr Rainey will use for years to come.

“One of the best things about GrandioSO is that it does have that long-term polishability and that it maintains itself,” she says.

Dr Rainey would gladly recommend GrandioSO to any peers doing restorative dentistry, especially for those who may be doing a lot of restorations in class V areas. GrandioSO is indicated for all classes of restorations, which makes it well-suited to add maximum value in the dental practice.

“I find that its texture and the creaminess of the product itself work best in my hands even when working with that unusual class V area,” Dr Rainey says. “It also has a polishability and polish retention that make for happy gingival tissue down the line. It achieves a nice, long-term soft tissue response that is a key goal when you’re placing restorations in those hard-to-reach areas.”

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