BEGO celebrates 20 years of its top-selling implant, Issue 2

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the BEGO Semados® S Implant.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the BEGO Semados® S Implant.

The BEGO Semados® S Implant was launched onto the market in 1993 following a development period of 3 years. Initially only available in Germany, today this system is sold in more than 40 countries; it has been sold more than a million times over making it one of BEGO Implant Systems' top-selling products.

Since being launched, the BEGO Semados® S Implant has been continuously developed and adapted, step-by-step, in line with user and patient needs. A 2008 product development milestone marked with the switch to the high-purity and ultra-homogeneous TiPurePlus surface used today.

The portfolio was also continuously extended in terms of prosthetic components.

In 2011, the modern MultiPlus system was extended to allow solutions with four to six BEGO Semados® S/RI Implants ("All-on-4"* treatment concept*).

Last year the drills and insertion tools were revised. The new instrument set now comes in a more compact and clearly laid-out metal tray. To ensure maximum hygiene, silicone inserts have not been used to fix the instruments. In order to make application even simpler and more user-friendly, BEGO has also considerably reduced the number of rotating tools. The optimised drill geometry guarantees particularly smooth cutting results, whereby the clear and visible depth markings on the drills ensure safe and reliable use of the instrument set. Depth stops from the separately available drill stop TrayPlus round off the set.