Amann Girrbach introduces expanded Ceramill line

A new carving mode, high-frequency spindle and updated technology have been added.

Amann Girrbach has developed a new processing strategy called “Carving Mode” that reportedly reduces the grinding times of difficult to process materials such as glass ceramics and hybrid ceramics by up to 60 percent. The mode is designed to cut off excess material as a whole, thus avoiding grinding down the blank to the actual geometry.

Low machining forces and their uniform distributions over the entire tool length are said to enable higher processing speeds, resulting in time savings when fabricating single-tooth indications made from hybrid or glass ceramic and corresponds to processing times using a twin spindle with highest precision.  

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Parallel to the new control technology, the Ceramill Motion 2 hybrid system and new Ceramill Mikro IC wet unit were equipped with a powerful, high-frequency spindle. With its hybrid ball bearings, stability and highly accurate concentricity, it is reportedly one of the most powerful drives that can be used for dental milling machines. With up to 100,000 revolutions per minute, it is engineered to control materials difficult to process, including hybrid ceramics or lithium disilicate, and enable highly efficient milling and grinding processes.

Other features include:

  • High but controlled power input to achieve maximum precision

  • Innovative Ceramill control technology and compact, robust machine designs

  • In-house fabrication of splints, bars and implant bridges in minimum space but with a wide range of services using the newly added sister model Ceramill Mikro 5X

  • High operating performance and efficiency of a built-in high-frequency spindle with the Ceramill Mikro IC wet unit and the Ceramill Motion 2