A System That Makes Payment Processing Easy

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report June 2022
Volume 56
Issue 6

Why this DSO founder uses Simplifeye for efficient and secure patient payments.

A System That Makes Payment Processing Easy

A System That Makes Payment Processing Easy

When Vincent Gongola was looking for a payment processing solution, he focused on finding something that could specifically meet the needs of Beads Dental, the 3-practice dental group he founded and operates as CEO.

Two of the offices are fee-for-service, so they do a lot of credit card processing. It was essential to find a way to reduce the credit card processing fees, especially when credit card companies started sending letters saying they would raise their fees again. Gongola started looking for a solution.

“When Simplifeye said there were zero credit card fees, that caught my eye. I was curious as to how that’s even possible,” Gongola says. “And then once I talked to them, what they said made sense and we signed up.”

Simplifeye Payment Processing

Simplifeye Payments helps your front office, providing an end-to-end payment solution designed to process in-office transactions with wireless hardware, send text and email invoices, and create customizable payment plans, all while writing back to the electronic health record. This workflow creates digital auto-debiting for recurring payments and sends automated text and email reminders. By tokenizing credit/debit/ACH, practices can also save payment information for payment assurance for when the explanation of benefits comes back to the office, reducing the accounts receivable to $0.


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Simplifeye offers SimplyZero, which legally and transparently shows the patient the cost if they’re paying by cash or check, and the slightly higher cost if they’re paying with a credit card. Most people still choose to pay by credit card, absorbing the few extra dollars.

“Patients have been very responsive,” Gongola says. “They’re used to seeing the cash versus credit card price at gas stations and convenience stores.”

The cost savings to Beads Dental are substantial.

“We’re close to saving $80,000 this year,” Gongola says.

That cost savings has allowed Beads Dental to not raise its prices, despite inflation. It also makes it possible to hire more team members.

Simplifeye payment processing was an easy choice for Gongola, who said its variety of features were a good fit for Beads Dental. Simplifeye payment processing is a HIPAA-compliant system. It tokenizes the payment method and keeps it on file, which makes it easy for the office to set up customized monthly payment plans.

It used to be a manual process for the practices to create monthly payment plans, and there was potential for mistakes when the information was entered into the system. With Simplifeye payments, the ability to create payment plans is built in.

Simplifeye is integrated with many standard practice management systems.

“We do so many a month...Being able to offer patients payment plans without the administrative burden has been a huge time-saver for us,” Gongola says. “And the financial side speaks for itself.”

Simplifeye offers an online patient portal and automated text-to-pay reminders, which Gongola likes. The centralized dashboard creates an efficient workflow for practice employees.

“We used to have to call people who were behind on payments,” Gongola says. “This makes it a lot easier to follow up with them and get paid faster.”

The team uses it with ease, but at the beginning there was a little hesitancy.

“It was an adjustment for our team because they didn’t quite trust it at first. We had to make sure everything was working the correct way,” Gongola says. “But after that, you can set it and forget it.”

Now that everything is set up, Gongola finds Simplifeye’s technical support very valuable.

“They’re responsive. I mean it’s a minute or 2 [on their text chat], and I’m actually talking to a person,” Gongola says. “So if we have any questions, or I’ve asked for a feature or an update or report, they’re really quick to get it to me.”

Gongola believes the ability to process payments without the practice incurring credit card processing fees will help this upcoming year as inflation causes prices to rise across the United States.

“We’ve talked about how we did not have to raise our prices this year. With inflation where it is, patients appreciate not paying more for their services.”

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