5Ws* Brush&Bond MAX

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report June 2022, Volume 56, Issue 6

This 4-META dentin/enamel composite bonding system from Parkell eliminates the need to scrub the prep, providing consistent, even, and complete coverage of the entire prep surface.

Information provided by Parkell.


Brush&Bond® MAX bonding agent






Any practice looking for a simplified bonding protocol and reduced postop sensitivity.


Whenever bonding a restoration.


Parkell’s simplified Touch Application™ technique is an alternative to the scrubbing step needed when applying many other bonding agents to the prep surface, some of which require up to 20 to 30 seconds of active scrubbing. This technique also eliminates doubts about being able to scrub the liquid into tight line angles or the bottom of a small proximal box. It ensures consistent, even, and complete coverage of the entire prep surface.


Dip the chemically treated Brush&Bond® Activator Brush into 1 to 3 drops of liquid and daub it on the prep surface until the entire prep is wet. This easy application process helps ensure maximum adhesion between the tooth and the restorative, while virtually eliminating postop sensitivity. Extensive penetration into the tubules promotes the formation of a robust resin-tag network that ensures optimal adhesion