5Ws* ZKD4 Chairside Adjustment Kit

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report September 2022, Volume 56, Issue 9

Simplify modification of crowns and bridges made of zirconia, lithium disilicate, and other modern dental ceramics.

Information provided by Optimu Rotary.


ZKD4 Chairside Adjustment Kit


Optimu Rotary




Any practice looking for a simplified option for adjusting hard-ceramic crowns and bridges.


Whenever adjusting hard-ceramic restorations.


Delivering a superior price-performance ratio vs similar options, Optimu Rotary’s ZKD4 kit contains 5 Lion diamonds and 2 Lamello polishers that ease final adjustment of hard-ceramic restorations. Providing rapid, precise, cool cutting paired with durability and long-term performance, Lion diamonds were tested and ranked “best in class” by Clinicians Report (October 2012) for use on hard ceramics. The Lamello polishers feature an open-spiral construction that minimizes heat development, and they incorporate an exceptionally high concentration of interspersed diamonds that enhance instrument durability. The flexible, long-lasting polishers readily adapt to all restoration surfaces and can be used intuitively at any angle to achieve a brilliant, finished quality.

The How

For chairside adjustment of zirconia and other high-strength ceramic restorations, select the appropriate Lion diamond and use with a water-cooled, high-speed handpiece. For optimal results, apply light pressure until the desired result is achieved. Next, use an intuitive, 2-step technique with the diamond-impregnated blue (medium) and pink (fine) Lamello polishers. The wheels readily adapt to all surfaces and can be used from any angle to achieve a brilliant, high-shine finish.