5Ws* VivaScan™

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Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report September 2022, Volume 56, Issue 9

This intraoral scanner is lightweight and compact and can act as a good first step in strengthening digital workflows.

Information provided by Ivoclar.


A compact intraoral scanner



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This intraoral scanning device is suitable for any dental practice. Its plug-and-play functionality and its Ivoclar Cloud software make it a good entry point for digital dentistry.


VivaScan™ features a lightweight, compact design with 2 tip sizes to best suit the digital impression needs of individual patients.


VivaScan strengthens digital workflows through its ease of use and only needs to be plugged into the laptop to get started. With its touted high-speed scanning, it can get digital impressions efficiently and accurately while still being ergonomic for the clinician and comfortable for the patient. The high-definition camera gives you the ability to include crisp and clean photos, giving the dental lab the best information to work on cases

The How*

VivaScan uses an integrated file-sharing solution through the Ivoclar Cloud, allowing clinicians to send scans directly to their chosen laboratory without having to fit specific file formats. VivaScan uses a single cord to plug into a dedicated laptop, eliminating hassle when getting started, and the 2-button function eliminates the need to move from mouth to mouse, ensuring a sterile work environment.