5Ws* Grip&Shoot Dental

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report September 2022
Volume 56
Issue 9

This simple imaging app allows dental staff to quickly and easily capture patient images, create treatment reports, and send all data to a computer with the tap of a button.

Information provided by ZETA Manufacturing Company.

5Ws* Grip&Shoot Dental


Grip&Shoot Dental imaging app


ZETA Manufacturing Company




Anywhere patient images are captured and wherever clinicians want to quickly share photos and create reports.


A business succeeds when it operates at maximum efficiency, and this imaging app can be used at any time. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant, Grip&Shoot Dental assists with image capture, creates treatment reports, and sends all data to your PC with the tap of a button.


The app guides you and your staff through patient image capture. You’ll

5Ws* Grip&Shoot Dental

spend less time fumbling with software and equipment and more time focusing on your patients. You won’t need to spend money on expensive imaging equipment; today’s smartphones contain powerful 12-megapixel (or better) cameras and are more user friendly. You can instantly create detailed reports for your customers, helping them better understand their treatment options and increasing the chance of converting them to long-term patients.

The How

Grip&Shoot creates detailed reports in a flash, with easy-to-use annotation that points out problem areas and reinforces treatment plans. Tap a button to email or print reports so your patients leave with a better understanding of their diagnosis. Additionally, the Smart Grip provides you with comfort and full 1-handed control. Squeeze the trigger to capture; use the +/- buttons to navigate shots. Grip&Shoot Dental and Smart Grip pair seamlessly with each other to provide you with the best experience possible. What’s more, moving photos from the camera to your computer is simple; the app organizes images by patient and delivers them in a clean, user-friendly bundle.

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