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Dental Products ReportDental Products Report September 2022
Volume 56
Issue 9

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Modern Dental Lab USA Digital Support Services

"Digital dentistry" has been a growing trend in dentistry for more than 2 decades. However, not everyone has incorporated intraoral scanners in their everyday workflow.

Maybe some doctors are comfortable with traditional impressions. Maybe some practitioners are nervous about making such an investment. Maybe they just haven’t felt the time is right. For whatever reason, many practices are considering digital dentistry – but may not know how to start. Reaching out to a dental laboratory network that receives thousands of scans monthly—such as Modern Dental USA—can offer valuable insights to support you.

Getting Started

Digitally advanced dental laboratories can help guide dental practices through those first tentative steps.

"Our Digital Support Service Team is available to help dentists transition to digital (at no cost) and support them on their digital dentistry journey,” Laura Kelly, CEO at Modern Dental, says. “Our expert services include digital scan analysis, troubleshooting, and assisting with digital scan techniques geared to improve and support the advancement of the clinician’s knowledge and predictability with digital dentistry. Our goal is to share our experience with what makes a digital file successful while making the clinician’s digital investment successful, their technique simplified and productive."

Intraoral scanning (IOS) is evolving, and the fact that there are an increasing number of IOS systems on the market can be overwhelming.

“With the increasing choices on the market today, dentists can benefit from expert dental laboratory support more than ever,” Kelly says. “Modern Dental is committed to collaborating with clinicians as a trusted resource to help them navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape. Our teams view thousands of files each month. Our goal is to ensure the doctor’s investment is realized, better restorations are provided, and improved turnaround times are experienced. Regardless of their starting point, our team can help identify the right IOS system for their practice; provide IOS training for all the top scanners, along with onboarding and real-time support, and scan analysis. Keeping practices informed on the latest digital scanning trends and capabilities is valuable.”

For Bruce Silver, DMD, a general and restorative dentist in Burlington, New Jersey, Modern Dental has been a trusted partner for many years.

“I’ve been using Modern Dental for 5 or 6 years,” Dr Silver says. “I’m using the whole realm of Modern Dental for different products and lab services. I’ve been very happy with them. My staff really depends on Modern Dental because of the positive interaction with the team we have known for years which ensures we get what we need for our patients.”

“I use it for onlays, implant restorations, crowns, and bridges,” he continues. “We also scan for temporary bridges and appliances; more recently, I did a couple of digital dentures. Digital dentures are cool! Patients appreciate the cutting-edge technology experience, so pretty much every aspect of my dentistry has improved.”


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With any dentist-lab relationship, communication is key. Technology is an advantage when combined with effective communication. However, it’s not enough to simply send a scan and a few written instructions. Invariably, questions arise, and that’s where Dr Silver says Modern Dental excels.

“A dental technician actually speaks with you,” he says. “I appreciate being able to have a technical conversation, my time is limited, and I value the way Modern Dental shares their technical experience and continuously improves the process. This is important to me.”

Utilizing the scanner that Modern Dental consulted with him to select and communicating on a case-by-case basis is easy and convenient.

“I scan the preparation site, routinely take photographs, and provide detailed notes,” Dr Silver says. “I try to provide the lab with as much information as possible from the start, enabling them to proceed with the case without delays. Occasionally I still have a case where I indicate, ‘call me’ to review options and I know I will receive a call right away.”

“Effective communication is critical and a key factor to success in any relationship,” Kelly says. “We pride ourselves on the team we have developed, and their expertise in supporting and communicating with clinicians to achieve the best results for their practices and patients. We are passionate and committed to our customers having an extraordinary experience.”

Dr Silver appreciates the laboratory’s communication, services, and consistent quality.

“They are knowledgeable, available, and will communicate with me around my demanding schedule.” Dr Silver praises.

“The scanning technology is accurate,” he continues. “The advancements in technology are realized with basic crown and bridge, as well as advanced case types. Being able to utilize information the scanner makes easily visible, such as parallelism and the path of insertions, is a benefit I experience over traditional impression techniques.”

Embracing digital technology can be overwhelming. However, a trusted laboratory partner is exactly what a practice needs to make the transition effective.

“Moving from conventional impressions to digital scans is new and can seem overwhelming. Many clinicians are ready to make the leap,” Kelly says. “The digital evolution in dentistry is exactly why we are resourcing the support team for clinicians, and we are excited about the possibilities at Modern Dental. Our Digital Support Services take all the guesswork out of the equation. The profession is embracing digital workflows and improving the dental experience daily. Modern Dental is here to partner with clinicians to ensure that when digital support is needed, our customers can rely on us.”

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