5Ws* Synthesis Cabinetry Collection

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report March 2022, Volume 56, Issue 3

This cabinetry selection offers durability and ergonomics without sacrificing style.


Synthesis® Cabinetry Collection


Midmark Corp.
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Any practice


Any practice that is looking to upgrade its operatory space.


Designed specifically for dental operatories, the Synthesis collection offers strength and durability, along with a unique steel structure and aseptic design. The new ergonomic options provide more efficient storage with better ergonomic reach and visibility. Its wall-hung configurations are designed to increase ergonomic storage while decreasing hard-to-use storage in the same amount of space. The gravity-fed, angled flow shelving improves accessibility to supplies while bins and dividers offer organization and workflow.

*The How

The Synthesis Cabinetry Collection is built to deliver a like-new appearance with its durable vinyl finish exterior that provides scratch and stain-resistant surfaces. Its strong steel frame provides a durable mounting foundation. It’s designed to support asepsis with a sealed electrostatic powder-coat paint to prevent damage from moisture. The seamless, polystyrene drawers contain spills and are easy to clean. The vinyl-covered panels resist spilled fluids and chemicals and can be cleaned without surface degradation.