5Ws* MouthWatch Plus+

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report October 2021, Volume 55, Issue 10

The latest intraoral camera from MouthWatch, LLC, delivers stunning high-definition intraoral image detail—even on larger monitors—is easy to use, and won’t give buyers sticker shock.

Information provided by MouthWatch, LLC.

What: MouthWatch Plus+

Who: MouthWatch, LLC

877-544-4342 | mouthwatch.com/plus+

Where: Every dental operatory can take advantage of this intraoral camera’s true HD capabilities.

When: Capture precise images and videos every time. MouthWatch Plus+automatically switches to a power-saving standby mode whenever the camera is untouched for 30 seconds, and returns to normal operating mode when any button is pressed.

Why: The MouthWatch Plus+ is 1080p HD, capturing 2,073,600 pixels in true anatomical color over the fast USB 3.0 attached cable. The Plus+ also streams live video at an industry-leading 60 frames per second (fps) without any blur. There is no need to spend $2000 to $5000 for an HD intraoral camera with performance features like adjustable LED brightness. Some brand-name cameras in that price range do not operate at true HD resolution but only at 720p.

*The How: Every MouthWatch Plus+ purchase includes the MouthWatch Plus+ Intraoral Camera, integrated USB 3.0 connectivity with attached cable; 100 OptiClear™ intraoral camera sleeves, an extended 2-year warranty, complimentary lifetime technical support; plug and play 5-minute integration, live agent support if needed, camera button-capture software, and training and best practices resources. The camera features a high scan rate (60 fps) that delivers clear video and 2-megapixel images—even if the patient moves slightly. When it comes to ease of use, the camera includes 4-level adjustable LED lighting to match illumination to specific clinical needs. What’s more, dual buttons on the top and bottom of the camera for lighting and capture control offer multiple, ergonomic grasp options.