How to Overcome the Hurdles of Restoring Adjacent Class II Composites

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report October 2021, Volume 55, Issue 10

Using VursaWedge to provide better contour, proper contact, and improved gingival seal.

With current systems and methods in quadrant dentistry, it is often necessary to restore 1 Class II at a time. This is inefficient, time-consuming, and a hassle for both the dentist and the patient. However, completing 2 adjacent Class IIs simultaneously often ends up with an open contact. In addition, when restoring 2 adjacent teeth, the margins are situated in different directions, thereby making it difficult to simultaneously seal both gingival margins. This problem is easily solved by using a VursaWedge from Young Specialties. The unique split-wedge design allows the wings to simultaneously seal both margins of adjacent teeth and allows the wedge body to sit low in the embrasure space, ensuring proper matrix contour, emergence, and contact area.