5Ws* Flex Dental Software

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report October 2021, Volume 55, Issue 10

This patient communication software will make practice workflow simpler and more efficient.

Information provided by Flex Dental.


Flex patient communication software for automated confirmations/reminders/recall, online payments/appointment scheduling, 2-way texting, paperless forms, treatment planning, and online reviews.


Flex Dental Solutions

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Any general or specialty practice looking for a boost in efficiency while providing a quick and easy patient experience via automation and paperless technologies.


Flex’s communication tools are utilized throughout the entire patient appointment experience, including scheduling appointments online, automated confirmations/appointment reminders, 2-way texting, completely paperless onboarding, online payments via email/text, postoperative follow-ups, and online review requests.


Flex works with your practice management software to automate communication workflows, implement completely paperless forms/onboarding, and provide your patients with convenient solutions for making appointments online.

The How*:

Flex utilizes automation and smart online tools, working hand in hand with practice management software to improve the entire patient experience, from scheduling appointments online to automating follow-ups and recall. Flex offers additional tools like online payments, treatment plan presentations with integrated payment options to improve case acceptance, and VoIP phone integration for enhanced features, including pop-up caller ID and automated text responses for missed calls.