5Ws* Innobyte™

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report September 2022, Volume 56, Issue 9

This bite-force measuring device gives a clear and concise metric for clinicians looking to create accurate treatment plans.

Information provided by Kube Innovation, Inc.


The only bite-force measuring device on the market.


Kube Innovation, Inc

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Any dental office wishing to enhance treatment planning and acceptance.


At the beginning of every consultation as another biometric standard to track over time, in addition to before and after treatment to quantify changes.


Innobyte™ aids in treatment plan design while helping patients better understand the need for treatment, reducing discussion time and, improving case acceptance.

The How*

The mouthpiece is used to evaluate the bite force applied by human teeth in the oral cavity. To achieve this evaluation, the mouthpiece contains an incompressible fluid. When a force is applied to the mouthpiece, the fluid generates a pressure gradient that is precisely calibrated using a proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm to display the total bite force on the Innobyte™.