5Ws* Futurabond U

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report July 2022, Volume 56, Issue 7

Futurabond U utilizes powerful nanoparticle technology to create a strong and easy-to-apply dual-cure universal adhesive in a single dose.

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A dual-cure universal adhesive in a single-dose delivery system.


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Any dental practice.


Across all direct and indirect restorations including intraoral repairs, cementation, sealing, and across all substrates, providing a strong bond and quick application.


Futurabond U is the first dual-cure universal adhesive in a single-dose delivery system that does not require an additional primer or activator. It may be used in self-, selective-, and total-etch techniques and works with all light-, dual-, and self-cure composites. Additionally, the SingleDose system from VOCO America eliminates contamination concerns.

The How*

Futurabond U uses silicon dioxide nanoparticles to create a cross-link of resin components and enhance their film-building properties. The adhesive wets the exposed collagen fibers and microretentive etching pattern on the enamel. Then the powerful nanoparticles reinforce the hybrid layer, producing a stronger bond from a single-coat application.