5Ws* Cavex Cream Alginate

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report July 2022, Volume 56, Issue 7

This premium alginate from Cavex Holland BV combines 5-μm accuracy, high tear strength, and excellent elasticity—unique properties for an alginate, challenging those of VPS materials.

Information provided by Cavex Holland BV.


Cavex Cream Alginate, the newest Cavex alginate after Cavex ColorChange, Cavex Orthotrace, Cavex Impressional and Cavex CA37


Cavex Holland BV

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Any dental practice that uses impression materials


For dental impressions that require high accuracy, like crown or bridgework.


Does a procedure require more accuracy? Cavex Cream is an optimal choice. Due to the combination of excellent elastic properties and extremely accurate 5-µm detail reproduction, equal to VPS materials, this alginate impression material is said to be unrivaled when it comes to precision.


Cavex has been at the forefront of the development of high-quality dental alginates since the 1950s. When developing Cavex Cream, the most important properties of a good alginate have been combined: high tensile strength and elasticity and the perfect viscosity. The name actually says it all: Cream. When mixed, the alginate powder is quickly absorbed by the water, after which an easy-to-mix, creamlike alginate mix is created that allows a perfect application on the impression tray. Because of the pleasant bubblegum smell and the controlled viscosity that prevents the alginate from running, an impression taken with Cavex Cream is also pleasant for the patient.