5Ws* Denticon

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report February 2022, Volume 56, Issue 2

This practice management software from Planet DDS streamlines dental practice operations to make everyday tasks easier and quicker.

Information provided by Planet DDS | compiled by Kellie Nock

The 5Ws*


Denticon is a practice management software that touts a variety of efficiency-boosting features.


Planet DDS

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Dental practices that wish to make front office and communication practices more streamlined for optimal outcomes.


Practices can utilize the features of Denticon in nearly every aspect of the process, from patient registration to data-informed workflows. Denticon can also be used for office communications such as morning huddles and campaigns.


Choosing the best practice management solution is vital to streamlining operations and boosting the practice’s efficiency. Denticon offers many features for a well-rounded management software, including the ever-important Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act compliance aspect which keeps valuable practice data safe. Time spent looking for data can now be redirected to become more patient focused, as all those data are now in 1 easy-to-find spot.

The How*

Denticon uses the cloud to contain data securely in a single location. Staff communications, financing, and other practice information are contained for easy access while eliminating unnecessary redundancy and paper waste. This cloud-based software also makes patient communications easier through its patient and payment portals.